An Economy on the Brink of Reopening

Posted on 4/27/2020

After weeks of lockdown, several states are planning a gradual reopening as early as May 1, such as Ohio—home to the headquarters of Aim Transportation Solutions. With this easing back of stay-at-home orders, many nonessential businesses could be opening back up, as long as proper preventative measures can be implemented and upheld, such as social distancing and disinfecting procedures.

This is also the first step toward economic recovery for the nation as a whole. According to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, the economy will recover in months, not years. While it’s difficult to predict the immediate post-coronavirus (COVID-19) economy, one thing is certain: With many displaced workers returning to their jobs and businesses reopening their doors, we will, at least, be trending in the right direction—up.

Something this outbreak highlighted is the importance of America’s supply chain, and with many businesses coming back online, the nation will continue to rely heavily on an already strained transportation industry to breathe life back into the economy.

The difference now is we have a general idea of what’s coming. We, at the very least, know there will be a shift in industry demand, and our nation has a chance to prepare, unlike when the pandemic hit and businesses, like grocery stores, weren’t ready for the explosion in demand.

Business owners don’t want to be left scrambling, trying to get their products from point A to B. As such, now would be the perfect time for companies to put in rental reservations. For instance, Aim takes reservations for its rental fleet of new and efficient trucks and trailers. That way the vehicle you need will be locked in for when you need it.

It could also be a great time to reassess your transportation operation. Aim performs complimentary needs assessments for companies to ensure their vehicles are spec’d for maximum efficiency, allowing the experts at Aim to build a full-service leases to meet the specific demands of any operation. Even maintenance options are certainly worth looking at right now, such as Aim’s ProShop service, which can reduce and control costs while increasing the uptime of your fleet.

Wherever this economic road to recover takes us, Aim, a vital link in America’s supply chain, is here to help take you there—all with its unique brand of family-owned attention and care.

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