Aim Opens Used Truck Facebook Store

Posted on 3/23/2021
Aim opens used truck Facebook store, adding another outlet to its multichannel sales network.

Aim Transportation Solutions has long been a trusted and reliable fixture in the used commercial truck market. Aim’s stellar reputation as a used equipment dealer begins with the source of its inventory, which is primarily made up of units coming off lease that, since their first mile, have been under the care of experienced, expert Aim technicians. In other words, Aim sells used trucks you can depend on.

Aim, a family-owned and -operated company, isn’t just committed to providing a quality product. It’s also dedicated to providing a seamless and pleasant buying experience. From browsing available inventory to being handed the keys, Aim is dedicated to making the process a great one.

As part of that effort, Aim has launched its Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Facebook store, adding to its already robust multichannel selling network for certified pre-owned vehicles. The Facebook store is designed to improve the shopping experience for customers by giving them the option to shop for pre-owned equipment using the convenient functionality of the Facebook mobile app and website.

Last year, Americans spent, on average, between two and three hours a day on social media, with Facebook being the most popular of all the outlets. Facebook’s popularity is partly based on its efforts to become an all-in-one resource for not just connecting with friends and family but shopping and conducting business as well.

Recognizing this, Aim wanted to make sure Facebook users in the market for used trucks can quickly and easily view Aim’s available inventory without leaving the application, creating a seamless experience. On top of being able to browse the entirety of Aim’s pre-owned equipment inventory, the new Facebook store provides users with vehicle specifications, pricing and contact information for follow-up. Additionally, users can take a deeper dive on any given unit by tapping the Vehicle Website link, which will take them to Aim’s official webpage for used truck sales, listing out even more details about the desired truck or trailer.

“The ultimate goal is convenience,” said Aim’s Director of Used Trucks, Eric Samp. “Whether someone wants to purchase a truck by picking up the phone or while talking to their friend across the country on Facebook, they can do that. I believe providing a diverse range of purchase points is extremely important to the consumer and valuable to us as a company.”

Additionally, The Aim Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Facebook store will play an important role in the Used Truck department’s inventory expansion efforts, a move to help Aim meet surging demand through a process of careful selection and revitalization.

If you’re in the market for used commercial trucks or trailers, take the new Facebook store for a test drive. You can also check availability at as well as by emailing or getting in contact with an Aim Used Truck manager at 330-269-5329. And be sure to Like the official Aim Used Truck Facebook page to stay on top of the latest used truck inventory.

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