Aim Used Trucks Dept. Is Expanding

Posted on 2/1/2021

To keep up with increasing demand, Aim Transportation Solutions’ Used Truck department will now seek out and purchase equipment from reputable outside sources, which will then be reconditioned to the highest of standards by Aim’s certified, experienced technicians and made available for sale to Aim’s growing customer base.

As a commercial truck leasing and rental company, Aim has always had a foothold in the used truck market for decades; taking vehicles from its rental fleet and those coming off lease and reconditioning them for resale has always been a part of Aim’s business practice. Because of this, Aim has developed a strong reputation as a respected and reliable seller of pre-owned vehicles, so much so that, over the last few years especially, the company’s used truck department has grown exponentially.

“I recognized a gap in the supply we had of certified pre-owned vehicles for sale versus the demand in the market,” said Aim Co-President Scott Fleming. “Not all companies or individuals are at the right spot in their business life cycle for a full-service lease or dedicated contract carriage agreement with Aim, but they can still benefit from Aim’s industry high maintenance standards by purchasing a previously owned vehicle that was maintained and revitalized by Aim.”

“This is a huge opportunity,” said Eric Samp, Aim’s Director of Used Trucks. “Most lease-rental companies don’t do this as a practice, but we saw the opportunity, and we have an excellent network out there to bring the trucks in and get them turned around.”

From top to bottom, the transportation industry is an ever-changing landscape, especially when it comes to how businesses prefer to obtain (and operate) the commercial trucks and trailers they rely on to get their products and services into the hands of their customers. One of the big variables decisionmakers face is the question of new or used? The answer can have a lot to do with the economy, and with the current volatility of the markets, buying pre-owned has grown in popularity. The main reason for this is it’s cheaper upfront to buy used. In a time when uncertainty permeates a lot of business decision, not having as much capital tied up in your fleet can be the right move.

Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane, talks with Aim Director of Used Trucks, Eric Samp, about Aim's Used Truck expansion.

But there can be a bit of trepidation when it comes to buying used. One of the main anxieties is reliability. And that’s really a question of proper routine maintenance. That is, has the vehicle undergone proper maintenance at regular intervals? With Aim, that answer is always yes. But what of acquiring vehicles externally?

“The equipment that we do purchase externally will be from known sources we’ve worked with in the past,” said Samp. “The equipment will be coming to us in very good, trade-term condition, and then we’ll bring those pieces of equipment into one of our three used truck centers to have them reconditioned by our technicians, who have been doing this for decades on our own lease-rental equipment.”

Beyond vehicle quality and dependability, what sets Aim apart from other used truck dealers is the diversity of its inventory. Aim has a vast leasing customer base doing business in a wide variety of industries. This means not only does Aim deal in a wide range of commercial truck types (like cube vans all the way up to sleepers and everything in between), but it also has a wide range of equipment specifications to choose from (things like swing doors, side doors, lift gates, etc.). Moving into the practice of purchasing vehicles externally for resale will take this benefit to the next level. This means customers who choose Aim will have an easier time finding the type of vehicle they need for less.

“Through purchasing gently pre-owned vehicles from outside sources, having Aim’s top-of-the-line maintenance team restore them to the highest possible standard and marketing them, we can give more people out there access to the Aim equipment advantage,” said Fleming.

Interested buyers can view Aim’s inventory of top-of-the-line pre-owned vehicles at Also, give our Facebook page a like for the latest coming out of our used truck department.

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