Zaller, Figueroa Receive Safety Awards

Posted on 2/2/2021
Aim Working Foreman Javier Figueroa holds up his President's Core Value Award next to Aim Service Manager John Casey.

Aim’s safety-first culture is built on four core values: integrity, trust, accountability and commitment. And it’s one thing to adhere to these ideals; it’s another to embody them, to be someone others can point to and say, “That’s integrity,” or, “That’s trust.” For those individuals who exemplify these core values, Aim has developed and launched the President’s Core Value Awards program will identify and honor employees who go above and beyond demonstrating these four principles.

Aim’s core values received extra attention last summer during Aim’s first Safety Week initiative, a program rooted in Aim Co-President Scott Fleming’s time in the military. During that five-day event, daily discussions were held company-wide going over each value, what they mean to Aim’s culture and how employees can best weave these ideals into the fabric of all that they do.

This award program is an extension of that initial initiative. It’s a way to celebrate those individuals who have talked the talk and who are now walking the walk. Recipients of this honor are those who have set the standard for safety to a level for which others should strive.

“We had a ton of positive momentum coming out of Safety Week last year,” said Ron Bourque, Aim Vice President of Safety. “And we wanted to harness that energy and turn it into a way to not just recognize the employees who are upholding Aim’s core values to the highest standard, but also make those individuals the bar for everyone to strive for, someone the company can look at as an example of the embodiment of integrity, commitment, trust or accountability.”

To select Aim’s first two honorees, management across the company submitted their nominations, which ended up being around 30 candidates. From there, the Executive Safety Committee reviewed all of the submissions and narrowed it down to one individual from Aim Integrated Logistics and one from Aim Leasing Company, the two companies that make up Aim Transportation Solutions.

From Integrated Logistics, Matt Zaller, who drives for Aim customer Joyce Manufacturing, received the President’s Core Value Award for Commitment. For Aim Leasing Company, Javier Figueroa, a working foreman for Aim ProShop customer Hensley Beverage Company, also received the President’s Core Value Award for Commitment.

Aim Driver Matt Zaller holds his President's Core Value Award.

Matt Zaller was awarded the President’s Core Value Award for his commitment to performing proper and thorough equipment inspections as well as his dedication to comprehensive training for new drivers joining the Joyce account are part of what warranted his recognition.

“You’re out there going above and beyond, and you’re doing it to a point that people notice,” said Aim Co-President Scott Fleming while talking with Zaller. “When people notice, then that makes people around you work better, work harder and be better people.”

And for Javier Figueroa, it was his relentless commitment to making safety front and center at his shop, whether in the form of promoting safety messages and reminders or implementing better, safer guidelines and best practices, that ultimately positioned him as the winner of the President’s Core Value award.

“You’re a changemaker, you’re a difference maker, and you move the needle for Aim,” said Fleming. “You have our utmost appreciation and gratitude for the job you’re doing.”

Zaller and Figueroa are the first ever to receive the President’s Core Value Award and both received a $2,000 bonus.

“These two gentlemen are the example for the coming year of everything that’s good about working at Aim, and what we can accomplish at each one of our locations,” said Bourque.

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