American Office Installers Appreciates Aim Team

Posted on 12/29/2020
Pictured, left to right, at Aim’s Cheswick, PA, shop, are Aim Business Development Specialist Dave Nichols, Aim Class A Mechanic Dan Scholtz and Aim Working Foreman Logan Gross.

Looking for ways to reduce expenses, American Office Installers General Manager, Frank Gibala, in 2019, looked at the company’s trucks and started running the numbers. He found out what many decisionmakers do: leasing your commercial equipment can be cheaper—not to mention more convenient and efficient—than owning it. After the owners reviewed Frank’s figures, they promptly made the transition to full-service leasing with Aim.

Frank, who has well over 20 years’ experience in office furniture industry, cites maintenance as being a large part of the equation, particularly for companies, like American Office Installers, that aren’t equipped to perform their own maintenance, instead relying on costly outsourcing for repairs and general upkeep.

American Office Installers operates out of Cheswick, PA, a town just outside of Pittsburgh, which is also home to one of Aim’s service shops. Serving the Tri-State area for more than two decades, the folks there specialize in open plan office furniture systems installation, furniture reconfiguration, project move/management and other services, such as logistics. What sets them apart from their competitors is their ability to provide flexible, on-time, as-planned services to meet their clients’ budgets. In other words: Their ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction. And one of full-service leasing’s chief benefits is allowing businesses to focus more on just that.

With an Aim full-service lease, the obvious items, like maintenance and repairs, are, of course, taken care of. But there are also a lot of other moving parts—like licensing, permitting, fuel tax reporting, managing breakdowns and scheduling maintenance, just to name a few—that can take time and resources away from your core business. Leasing your trucks and trailers, however, allows you to divert those energies into your core business.

So, how has it worked out for the folks over at American Office Installers? “Fantastic,” said Frank. “I couldn’t say enough good, positive words about the team.”

Frank highlighted the attentiveness and quick action by Dave Nichols, Aim’s Business Development Specialist who manages the account. “When I have questions, issues, problems, he’s very responsive and gets back to me right away and helps me figure out solutions.”

As mentioned up top, one of the major draws for American Office Installers making the switch was saving on maintenance costs, which Aim has delivered. But what of the quality of service? Frank notes that the two-man Cheswick maintenance team—consisting of Logan Gross, Aim Working Foreman, and Dan Scholtz, Aim Class A Mechanic—have also been great. When Gross commits to doing something, he and Scholtz get it done right the first time, the American Office Installers GM highlighted.

“If someone is looking to lease their trucks through a company, I would highly recommend Aim,” said Frank.

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