Aim Pros Reach Platinum Masters Club Level

Posted on 12/28/2020
Aim Senior Account Executive Rick McNerney

Aim is thrilled to share that Mike Wall, Aim Regional Sales Manager, and Rick McNerney, Aim Senior Account Executive, have achieved the Platinum level for NationaLease Masters Club, which recognizes the accomplishments of those sales professionals who exceed the highest threshold of yearly performance.

In one of the U.S. economy’s historically toughest years, this type of achievement feels extra special. It has required a double (maybe triple) dose of resolve and an ever-evolving approach to doing business, which Wall likens to casting a wider net.

“We are marketing and selling to the customers that are in high-demand sectors,” said Wall, “and customers and prospects who are concerned with the short-term, we’re coming up with options for them, like leveraging our rental fleet and maintenance programs to find creative ways to help them out.”

McNerney credits much of his, and Mike’s, success to their, and Aim’s, consultative approach to doing business: “Both Mike and I are highly involved with our accounts, getting in the trenches to secure quality of service long after the sale, which means ensuring satisfaction with the equipment as well as helping businesses stay on top of things like safety and compliance concerns,” said McNerney. “In this era, when personal contact is not always wanted or advised, it’s a great advantage to be considered a partner instead of a vendor.”

Over the years, Wall and McNerney have been regulars on NationaLease’s coveted list of top performers. That short list of all stars is chosen from a much larger roster of talented individuals who make up the massive NationaLease salesforce, which spans more than 140 independent businesses across the nation.

Aim Regional Sales Manager Mike Wall

“Masters Club in past years and in this year signals to me that my efforts were recognized by people I consider to be the best of the best,” said McNerney

“Aim and Nationalease do a great job in terms of recognizing sales achievements, so there is always plenty of incentive to keep going even in down years like 2020,” said Wall.

While some businesses have surged due to pandemic-influenced shifts in demand, they are the outliers. The companies that have been fortunate enough to weather through this have generally seen a significant slash to revenue. However, both gentlemen are optimistic about the new year ahead.

“Once the Covid vaccine is widely available, I think normal business activity will come back strong,” said Wall. “In addition, customer investments in their business will be strong because they have been putting off these decisions for at least a year.”

“I have witnessed amazing efforts by large and small companies alike to remain viable, and I think they will continue to do so,” McNerney said. “The second half of 2021 will see stronger growth than expected as fears of the pandemic start to subside. Until then, we’ll continue to identify the segments of business that are prospering and find effective ways to partner with them.”

“I wake up each day knowing I am surrounded by professionals who care about the job they do,” McNerney added. “It still encourages me when I think of how our industry, along with other front-line folks, has never wavered. It makes me proud to know all of the people whom I work with.”

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