CVSA Brake Safety Week, August 23-29

Posted on 8/20/2020

Be ready! The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual Brake Safety Week will run August 23-29. Throughout this coming week, enforcement officials will be out in full force inspecting commercial motor vehicles, and those found to have critical out-of-service brake violations—or other critical vehicle out-of-service inspection item violations—will be restricted from traveling until those violations are corrected.

Professional drivers—and anyone occupying the road in general—put a ton of faith in a pedal just a few inches in diameter to bring 80,000 pounds of truck, trailer and product to a stop—and to a stop safely. We expect brakes to work each and every time we need them, which is why, perhaps, it’s easy to take a vehicle’s braking system for granted.

However, let’s put this in perspective: During last year’s International Roadcheck, brake system and brake adjustment violations accounted for nearly half (45.1%) of all out-of-service conditions, accounting for more than any other vehicle violation category. Moreover, during last year’s Brake Safety Week, 13.5% of the commercial motor vehicles inspected were placed in out of service for brake-related violations, totaling 4,626 vehicles.

While checking brake system components is always part of the roadside inspection process, inspectors will place heightened scrutiny on brake hoses/tubing, emphasizing the importance of those components to vehicle mechanical fitness and safety.

A commercial truck’s braking system is comprised of components that work together to slow and stop the vehicle; brake hoses/tubing are essential in this process, which is why they must:

  • Be properly attached
  • Be undamaged
  • Have no leaks
  • Maintain appropriate flexibility

It stands to reason that brakes are one of the most vital systems for any vehicle. The failure of just one brake component can be catastrophic, threatening the life of the driver and the motorists or pedestrians around him or her.

Aim customers with questions or concerns about preparing for this weeklong event—or any other safety-related questions—can always reach out to their Aim representative who will be more than happy to assist.

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