Aim's mDVIR Tool Sees Heavy Use

Posted on 8/17/2020
mDVIR is easy to get started! No login required - drivers simply enter their unit number and basic information to begin their DVIRs!

You may not think of a family-owned and operated transportation company, like Aim Transportation Solutions, as an award-winning technological innovator making a big splash in the industry.

But think again.

In case you missed it: In June we launched our new smartphone app, Aim Navigator, designed by Aim’s staff of talented programmers, who packaged it with valuable tools to help Aim customers navigate the day-to-days of managing their fleets. One of those tools that’s seeing heavy use across Aim’s diverse customer base is mDVIR (mobile Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports).

mDVIR is a simple-to-use, convenient, contactless way for drivers to submit their daily pre- and post-trip inspection reports right from their smartphones. The benefits of eliminating traditional paper reports—especially in the age of COVID-19—are obvious: safer and faster being the two foremost advantages. However, it’s not until you get to the backend—that is the administrative side—that fleet operators truly start to reap the benefits of Aim Navigator’s mDVIR tool. And that all starts at our convenient web portal, better known to Aim customers as Customer Web Access (CWA).

“Given that every driver out there has a smartphone of some sort, we wanted to make our DVIR process as mobile as the drivers are and streamline that process to keep them in compliance with DOT regulations,” said Aim Regional Vice President of Sales Dan Fleming. “So, we turned to our in-house IT staff to take the ball and run with it and bring us into the mobile platform for our DVIR.”

When drivers submit their inspections, supervisors—or whoever wants or needs access—can go into CWA and see all of the submissions drivers have made for the day. You can take it a step further and view all the submissions done for your fleet as far back as one year. And of course, there are convenient filtering options; for example, you can look at those units that have defects and those that do not.

“This gives you a nice way to keep track of the health of your fleet and make sure that your drivers are submitting reports the way they should,” said Aim Quality Assurance Manager, Mary Zigarevich. “This also is a way for you to track what's going on throughout the day and see updates to these repairs.”

Drivers use the convenient defect list to specify any issues they may have noticed during their pre- or post-trip inspections.

On top of all the ways CWA can slice, dice and serve up information, our IT department can set customers up with custom reporting sent directly to their emails. So, let’s say you want a weekly report showing all open submissions—that is trucks and trailers needing repairs—we can do that. Our IT department can also send you a report of closed submissions, which would include information like how long a unit took from the point of submission to the repair being completed.

Moreover, as any industry professionals knows, pre- and post-trips are required by the Department of Transportation. If your driver is pulled over for an inspection, the officer is probably going to ask to see his or her inspection reports or, at the very least, the one for that day.

“Instead of shuffling through papers, or forgetting to get a copy of it from the shop when they did their last inspection, mDVIR gives drivers the opportunity to pull it up on their smartphones and very quickly and easily show the officer,” said Zigarevich, “which is a nice way to get your current, up-to-date history of your unit at a moment's notice.”

“Moreover, mDVIR puts everything in one place, truly streamlining the whole process,” said Fleming. “So as soon as our shop signs off on closing and repairing a defect, it's available on the driver's app in real-time for that driver to be able to show any inspector at any time.”

Aim customers who want to take advantage of Aim’s exclusive mDVIR tool can download Aim Navigator free from the App Store for iOS or on Google Play for Android. mDVIR requires no login. Drivers simply input their unit number to get started. Reach out to your sales rep for more information.

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