Two Aim Professionals Reach Educational Milestones

Posted on 7/29/2020
Aim Director of Maintenance, Aaron Chamberlin, holds his Certified Transportation Professional certification.

Congratulations to Aim Director of Maintenance, Aaron Chamberlin, and Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Bochy, who both achieved milestones in the advancement of their careers.

Chamberlin earned his Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) certification from the National Private Truck Council, and Bochy graduated with her Master of Business Administration degree from Youngstown State University.

Through obtaining the CTP designation, Chamberlin has demonstrated he has gained extensive knowledge when it comes to understanding complex operational and regulatory issues as well as the ability to examine and develop efficient systems for meeting transportation needs. The CTP curriculum focuses on five core disciplines: operations, vehicle equipment and maintenance, HR/legal, safety and finance.

“I’ve been in the transportation industry for just over 20 years prior to going through this certification, and I already feel like my knowledge has increased significantly by taking this next step,” said Chamberlin. “I’ve already found ways to leverage these new skills and I know that this will bring value not only to me but to Aim’s partnerships with customers and my colleagues.”

“We’re proud of Aaron’s accomplishment and the efforts he undertook to earn this recognition and title,” said Aim Co-President Geoff Fleming. “This experience provides Aaron with an enhanced skill set that can be applied to making Aim a better company.”

Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Bochy, displays her master's degree in business administration.

Bochy, a 12-year employee of Aim, set her sights on earning her MBA as a way of building an even stronger foundation to grow in her field as well as advancing Aim’s marketing efforts.

“The field of marketing is constantly evolving and as such I feel that ongoing education and continuous development as a marketer is essential for success,” said Bochy. “I’m grateful to be employed by a company like Aim that supports this. I’m also very fortunate to have the encouragement and direction of Matt, who has been a strong guiding force in my educational and career goals.”

“Not only is this a great personal accomplishment for Jess, but it also adds much value to Aim,” said Aim Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Matt Svancara. “As she takes these steps toward furthering her knowledge of marketing and business in general, she’s strengthening her ability to understand our customers’ businesses, too. This enables her to help us grow those relationships.”

“These serve as great examples of how Aim tries to encourage and support continuous improvement opportunities for our employees in different ways,” said Geoff.

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