Hallis Named Digital Marketing Manager

Posted on 8/31/2022
Joelle Hallis has been promoted to Aim's Digital Marketing Manager.

Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce the promotion of Joelle Hallis from Digital Marketing Specialist to Digital Marketing Manager. Since Hallis joined Aim just one short year ago, Aim’s presence and capabilities in the digital marketing sphere have rocketed in ability, sophistication and reach. In her new role, she will direct and implement Aim’s digital marketing strategies as both a premier provider of commercial transportation services and as a career destination.

During the last few years, a record number of businesses have been turning to Aim for its unparalleled commercial fleet services, and the marketing department has been vital to capturing and accelerating that momentum. As the company continues to propel itself as a recognized and trusted national provider of transportation solutions, the marketing team—and specifically Joelle’s ability to manage the department’s multi-channel digital marketing efforts—will continue to play a vital role in Aim’s future growth.

“Joelle has been an incredibly strong addition to Aim’s marketing team since she came on with us in 2021,” said Jessica Bochy Deane, Aim’s Director of Marketing. “Joelle is a natural leader – that combined with her technical skills in digital marketing, her big picture thinking and her results-focused determination made her progression into the position of digital marketing manager one that didn’t require a lot of deliberation.”

“If you ever get the pleasure of working on a team with Joelle, you’ll always want Joelle on your team from then on out,” Deane added. “She’s the epitome of a go-getter and a fantastic person to work with.”

“I feel fortunate to be a part of such a talented team of marketing professionals,” said Hallis. “The collaborative approach of this department is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. We all complement each other’s individual strengths so well, and there is always someone to lend a hand or fill in the gap if you need it.”

Nearly a decade ago, Hallis began her marketing career in the commercial transportation industry. Prior to joining Aim, she worked for Cerni Motors (now Trivista Company) and valued Aim partner. There she was instrumental in attracting new business and forging a strong digital presence. She is also a Youngstown State University graduate, holding a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business administration, advertising and public relations.

As alluded to, Hallis’ focus hasn’t just been on promoting Aim’s full menu of commercial truck services. Rather, she has been working hard on two fronts, splitting her efforts to simultaneously boost Aim’s recruiting capabilities and success.

“The transition from promoting the services Aim provides to also promoting Aim as an employer hasn’t come without a significant learning curve,” said Hallis. “However, it’s always easier to promote a product you believe in, and that product is the culture Aim has built and the experience Aim provides to its employees. It’s something I truly believe in.”

“My experience over the past year with Aim has been incredibly positive and I look forward to continuing to grow with this company,” Hallis added.

As Aim continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, leadership remains committed to the company’s primary mission of delivering superb, personalized customer service. A key component of that is not simply having enough employees, but having the best employees to take care of Aim’s customers’ ever evolving transportation needs. Vital to that mission are drivers and diesel mechanics. The national truck driver shortage has been spilling across national headlines for years, going on decades (and a technician shortage for nearly as long as well). For businesses that depend on the men and women who make up this workforce, it has been an all-hands-on-deck effort to attract new talent.

Earlier this year, Jessica Bochy Deane, Aim’s Director of Marketing, brought on a fifth marketing team member, Digital Marketing Specialist, Taylor Nelson, to bolster recruitment efforts. On top of that, Hallis’ promotion marks an even further intensification of the need and desire to attract viable candidates through numerous digital media as well as communicate Aim’s stellar reputation as a top employer with an unbeatable culture coupled with fantastic pay and benefits.

“I love that my position at Aim has afforded me the opportunity to grow professionally without sacrificing personally,” concluded Hallis. “It is evident in not just words, but in actions, that this company truly values creating a work-life balance.”

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