Free Webinar: Engine Emission Regulations

Posted on 8/11/2022

On the road to a zero-emissions future, a series of emission regulations will take effect. States, starting in 2024, will begin adopting regulations that further restrict the allowable emissions for diesel engines. To meet the demands of these tightening restrictions, new engine technologies and components along with an increased focus on alternative fuel sources will shake up the industry now and into the future.

It goes without saying, these changes will directly impact the way businesses operate their fleets and acquire new equipment in an environment already overwhelmed with difficulties. But what are these changes exactly, and how will they affect the future of your operation? Well, we've partnered with Cummins, the globally renowned engine manufacturer and innovator, to cover exactly that and answer all of your burning questions.

Register below for this upcoming free, can't-miss webinar happening Wednesday, August 24, at 2:00 PM (Eastern). Our special guest hosts will be Cummins Director of Product Strategy, Uma Vajapeyazula, and Cummins Director of Business Development, Mark Jamieson.

Uma and Mark will bring their vast knowledge and years of experience to break down all the complexities of the upcoming engine emission regulations impacting medium- and heavy-duty trucks in 2024. Then they will take a look at market impacts, including what this means for OEMs and new technologies affecting decisions you make about acquiring new equipment.

More about Uma Vajapeyazula

Uma Vajapeyazula leads the Product Strategy & Management at Cummins, focused on product development focused on creating practical solutions that help customers get their job done while navigating the ‘Messy Middle’ in the transition to zero emission future.

Uma joined Cummins in 2005 and has worked in a variety of engineering, quality and marketing roles across Cummins including advanced technology development, new product introductions, current product quality and product strategy. She is certified in Six Sigma and System Engineering methodologies which are integral at Cummins to develop innovative, reliable and durable products.

She believes Cummins is uniquely positioned to create the power of choice and is passionate to drive scale in lower emission products including Natural Gas, Gasoline, Hydrogen internal combustion engines that do not compromise on power needed to get the job done. Uma’s experience working closely with truck manufacturers, fleets and end users helps her drive product development through the lens of customers' needs.

More about Mark Jamieson:

Mark Jamieson is a key leader at Cummins on the company’s approach to Destination Zero—its strategy to go further and faster to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality impacts of its products and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Jamieson is focused on Cummins’ alternate technologies, including natural gas and Hydrogen internal combustion engines as well as battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. Mark leverages his experience having worked in both the New Power and Engine businesses, partnering with both OEMs and fleets to help them leverage Cummins broad product range and capabilities for their success.

Mark joined Cummins in 2005 in its Turbocharger component business in the United Kingdom and has held a broad range of roles in account management and business development. His experience has equipped him with a unique global perspective, with his latest roles focused on establishing the next generation of products in North America, as well as looking to future opportunities as alternative power adoption rates increase.

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