Fresh Off the Assembly Line

Posted on 8/19/2022
Aim leaders and representatives of Peterbilt/PACCAR stand next to a fresh-off-the-line Peterbilt Model 579, which will join the ranks of Aim's robust rental fleet.

Aim Transportation Solutions leaders recently toured Peterbilt’s truck manufacturing plant in Texas to see some of their new vehicles roll off the production line.

Despite global supply chain bottlenecks hampering many commercial truck buyers, Aim, family owned and operated, managed to secure more than 40 new diesel-powered Peterbilt trucks to boost its highly in-demand rental fleet.

“They were able to get us additional allocation for this year, so we jumped on it, because supply is tight,” said Matt Svancara, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, who was on site for the tour in Denton, Texas, near Dallas.

“This particular order was for our rental fleet, which supports our lease and integrated divisions.”

Also on the tour were Aim Co-Presidents Scott Fleming and Geoff Fleming, along with Chris Disantis, Vice President of Maintenance; Shirley Bland, Fleet Asset Manager; and Matt Walker, Warranty Manager.

Matt described Peterbilt as a “new and up-and-coming supplier” of vehicles for Aim, which also sources trucks from Navistar, Freightliner and Volvo. Peterbilt was selected this time because it had the premium new vehicles available.

A key component of what sets Aim apart from its competitors is its close-knit relationships with OEMs. And it’s through these tight partnerships that Aim’s valued customers are able to take advantage of the flexibility and level of service other commercial fleet service providers struggle to match.

The Aim leaders watched trucks destined for Aim’s rental lots take shape in Peterbilt’s sprawling 42-year-old plant, which can assemble more than 150 trucks a day in more than 900 colors.

“All the coordination and pieces of the puzzle coming together in terms of components and nuances is impressive,” Matt said. “Everybody has a made-to-order truck.”

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