Pryll Reaches Finals for Golden Wrench Award

Posted on 8/22/2022
The Truck Association of New York awarded James Pryll with a plaque recognizing him for making it in as a finalist for the Golden Wrench Award.

The Trucking Association of New York recognized James Pryll as a finalist for its annual Golden Wrench Award. Pryll, a technician at the Aim Transportation Solutions maintenance center in Jamestown, N.Y., was one of only four technicians across the Empire State who made it to the finals for the 2022 honor.

The Golden Wrench Award recognizes the outstanding efforts of heavy diesel mechanics, who are the backbone of businesses that rely on commercial trucks to deliver products and materials to their customers safely, efficiently and dependably.

“[James] has done an outstanding job and he cares, and that’s what this recognition acknowledges -- caring performance for customers,” said Bob Thibodeau, Aim Safety Director and Aim’s representative with the association.

Jerry Vanyo, Service Manager in Jamestown, called James “an excellent candidate” for the award, citing his good work with diagnostics and his eagerness to learn more by capitalizing on opportunities for training.

“He’s fascinated with his work, and he has told me that he wants to make his career at Aim,” Vanyo said.

Pryll said Aim has trained him well to be a top-notch heavy truck technician. Education sponsored by Aim and its suppliers have helped him sharpen his skills for diagnosing and repairing many parts and systems on several varieties of heavy trucks for Aim’s diverse customer base.

Aim Transportation Solutions offers a menu of maintenance services for its valued customers, including comprehensive and worry-free maintenance through full-service leasing, preventative maintenance programs, ProShop and managed maintenance.

“Aim offers great hands-on training,” Pryll said. “If I have questions, there are multiple people to call who can help you through things, step by step.”

James joined Aim in 2015 after graduating from Alfred State College of Technology nearby Jamestown in Alfred, N.Y. The training there was top-notch, too, he said.

But as much as he likes learning, that’s not his favorite part of his work with Aim.

“I like the people most of all,” Pryll said. “Everyone has a bad day, but the good days here outweigh the bad, that’s for sure. Everyone is willing to help.”

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