Hinkle and Team Go the Extra Mile for Customer

Posted on 8/26/2022
In recognition of his performance, John Hinkle received an Aim Carhartt laptop bag and a gift card.

The quick thinking, prompt action of John Hinkle to help central Ohio Giant Eagle supermarkets keep frozen goods from spoiling during a power outage have landed him high praise from the customer.

When a widespread power outage struck the Columbus, OH, area, John and his team mobilized more than 100 refrigeration trailers from the Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh areas over 10 days so they could be used by four of the impacted stores. The trailers stood in as temporary freezers for those stores, averting a costly loss of frozen food.

“John is the epitome of a class act,” Katie Pacanowski, Director of Transportation at Giant Eagle, wrote in an email following John’s heroics. “Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, he always answers and jumps in to help without hesitation.

“John is the quiet, often unsung hero that gets things done, handles crises and goes the extra mile (sometimes literally!), without ever expecting any credit or gratitude. He is a rock and we are proud to have him as part of our team and Giant Eagle family."

Hinkle, the Giant Eagle Account Manager for Aim Integrated Logistics, is part of an eight-person team operating a cross-dock operation in Columbus. Goods are received there from Giant Eagle suppliers and then distributed to stores by Giant Eagle and Aim drivers. Aim also picks up used pallets from Giant Eagle stores across the region. Brian Ferrier, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operations at Giant Eagle, also wrote an email to share his appreciation:

“John has continually exceeded all expectations, no matter what the need. The best way to sum up John and his leadership is the reminder that there are two types of individuals in the world -- those who say they can't, and those who figure out how they can!

“John is definitely one of the best examples of ‘Can Do.’”

Rob Vogan, Regional Vice President for Aim Integrated, credited the win to John’s experience and work ethic. “John's knowledge of this industry and his ability to always meet the customer's needs impress me daily,” Vogan said. “His hard work and dedication are an example to everyone on our staff. I am lucky to have him on my team.”

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