Cairns Promoted to Lease Billing Director

Posted on 7/15/2022
With sights set on superior customer service, Jessica Cairns, Aim's new Lease Billing Director, and her team will work hard to further increase the seamlessness and efficiency of the billing process.

Aim Transportation Solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of Jessica Cairns to Director of Lease Billing. Since starting her career with Aim nearly 20 years ago, working first as a rental representative for Aim’s Pittsburgh, PA, location, Cairns rapidly proved herself as an asset to Aim and its valued customers, quickly rising through the ranks of Regional Rental Manager, Corporate Billing Manager and now filling the Lease Billing Director role.

In her new position, Cairns will guide and support the billing department with sights set on multiple efficiency-increasing goals. Her primary focus will not only be streamlining billing as an internal process but also ensuring an effortless and transparent customer experience.

Cairns will also continue to utilize and advance Aim’s billing system to its fullest capabilities, further allowing her and her team to make the billing process, from start to finish, as efficient as possible.

“With Aim’s continued growth, we needed someone to develop and implement new plans and objectives for the billing department, streamlining the overall process and creating a better, easier experience for our valued customers,” said Rick Fox, Aim’s Chief Financial Officer, “and with Jessica’s experience and expertise, I have the utmost confidence she’s perfect for this position.”

Jessica’s promotion comes at a time of record growth for Aim. As more businesses than ever turn to Aim for their fleet service needs—whether for full-service leasing, commercial truck rentals, fleet maintenance programs, dedicated contract carriage or freight brokerage—Aim’s leadership is dedicated to upholding and exceeding the unparalleled customer service that has turned Aim into a household name within the transportation industry.

“As the number of businesses we service nationwide rapidly increases, we, as a company, are committed to expanding our capabilities and capacity in lockstep to ensure we’re providing the highest-level of customer service we can,” said Fox, “and Jessica and her team will be an instrumental part in upholding this commitment.”

“It’s an honor to know that I’m being recognized for my hard work and dedication to Aim as well as the skillset I bring to this position,” said Jessica Cairns. “Knowing that everyone has the confidence in my ability to take the billing department to the next level is humbling.”

“Aim and the great people who work here have helped shape me into the person I am today both personally and professionally,” Cairns added. “Having the opportunity to work, learn and talk with everyone here throughout the years has helped me become a better person as a whole.

“Family means everything to me, and working here has always allowed me to have that,” she concluded. “Aim has always provided a great-work to-life balance, which is extremely hard to come by.”

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