Aim Holds 3rd Annual Safety Week

Posted on 6/2/2022
The Aim team in Gainesville, GA, on day four of Safety Week.

For Aim Transportation Solutions, improved safety training and awareness doesn’t just prevent injuries and save lives. It allows us to better serve our valued customers, making Aim more dependable, consistent and efficient.

To reinforce our unwavering devotion to safety, Aim, on May 16, kicked off its third-annual Safety Week. This five-day initiative engages employees in daily conversations designed to remind them that Aim’s priority, above all else, is keeping its employees, valued customers and everyone it comes in contact with safe.

Three years ago, the inaugural Safety Week focused on Aim’s core values—integrity, trust, accountability and commitment—the foundation of Aim’s safety-first culture. While these four values have long been fundamental in everything Aim does, one of Safety Week’s objective has been to inject these ideals into the company’s day-to-day language.

So, as is tradition, Safety Week 2022 kicked off with a review and discussion of those four values Aim holds so dear. Then, putting a fun, more engaging twist on things this year, Aim’s Vice President of Safety, Ron Bourque, tasked his team with developing short animated videos touching on the ins and outs of this year’s topics: Jill! Did You See That? (increasing alertness), Limitations… I Think I Can (knowing yourself), Shortcuts Lead to Mayhem (avoiding shortcuts) and Just the Facts, Jack! (getting to the root cause of accidents). Then, throughout the week, supervisors and employees watched the videos together and held discussions afterward.

“Beyond reprioritizing safe behavior and addressing key areas of concern, one of the major benefits of Safety Week is the feedback we receive and the issues we uncover, helping us address problems we may not have been aware of,” Bourque said. “With that in mind, one of the goals this year—especially with the videos—was to ask more questions to spark more engagement and dialogue among employees.”

What might be surprising to some, Safety Week is rooted in the military. The idea originated from Aim Co-President Scott Fleming’s time in the Marines serving in Iraq. He and fellow Marines, during a stand-down, took part in a week-long safety training. Every day Fleming, a Platoon Sergeant, communicated safety messages to fellow soldiers. Recognizing how beneficial this was, he saw an opportunity to adapt that experience to bolster Aim’s safety-first culture.

This year's Safety Week poster.

Keeping with tradition, on the last day of Safety Week, Aim employees signed a pledge to prioritize safety in everything they do. Those signatures will be compiled and printed on banners emblazoned with the Safety Week 2022 logo. Those pledges will be displayed proudly at all of Aim’s locations across the country.

“At the end of the day,” Bourque added, “we want to maintain a safe environment for our employees, our customers and everyone we come in contact with on a daily basis, and Safety Week has proven to be an invaluable tool in that mission and building upon our safety-first culture.”

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