Leadership Launches First Ever ‘Aim Talk’

Posted on 5/18/2022
To bolster internal communication, a panel of Aim's leadership team hosted the first ever 'Aim Talk,' a bi-annual webinar to discuss the state of the company and all the exciting things ahead for Aim.

More than 1,200 employees proudly call Aim Transportation Solutions home. Why? Because just as Aim strives to be a best-in-class provider of commercial fleet services, Aim strives to be a best-in-class employer. A key foundation of being a career destination—like Aim—is communication, providing transparency, guidance and support. To bolster Aim’s internal communications (building on existing channels such as Aim’s informative employee newsletter) Co-Presidents Scott Fleming and Geoff Fleming, alongside Aim’s executive leadership, launched the company’s first ever Aim Talk.

Aim Talk promises to accomplish a few things. First is transparency. Aim leadership understands employees not only want to know about matters that directly impact their work and personal lives—items like employee benefits, policy changes and service enhancements—but they also desire to know more about the overall state of the company, particularly in an era of increasing national and global uncertainty.

It's through this bi-annual forum Aim leadership can share all the exciting events, changes and opportunities coming down the pike for Aim, and it also serves as a grand stage to recognize the hard work and dedication of Aim’s employees. Equally as important, this virtual forum allows Aim personnel, which spans the U.S., to hear directly from the executive team.

The full panel of hosts included Scott Fleming; Geoff Fleming; Dave Gurska, Integrated Logistics Chief Operating Officer; Terry DiMascio, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; John Reed, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Technology; Patty Durkin, Chief Human Resource Officer; Harry Shood, Aim’s new Chief Accounting Officer; Matt Svancara, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing; Tom Reda, Integrated Logistics Vice President of Business Development; Brandon Stieb, Integrated Logistics Vice President of Operations; Carli Kuntze, Director of Human Resource; and Jessica Bochy Deane, Director of Marketing and Aim Talk moderator.

In the inaugural Aim Talk, a few hundred Aim employees logged on to hear the executive leadership team cover a breadth of subjects. Some of the session’s topics included recent changes to further improve employee benefits, record-setting levels of growth across all service offerings, cybersecurity efforts, safety enhancements through truck collision mitigation systems, perseverance over the ongoing driver and tech shortage.

“Aim Talk comes from our desire to make sure our employees know they’re supported and secure in their employment,” said Geoff Fleming. “To accomplish this, it’s important everyone stays informed on the company’s vision and direction as well as all the exciting offerings and changes we’re making to enhance ourselves as both an employer and a commercial transportation solutions provider.”

During the Talk, leadership took time to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of everyone at Aim. Special attention was given to Aim’s maintenance team, who have worked tirelessly to keep equipment on the road during a time of equipment shortages and sputtering supply lines; along with Aim’s recruiting department, which, despite the worsening driver and tech shortages, has made great strides in filling empty driver and mechanic positions so Aim can continue delivering unparalleled commercial fleet services.

Finally, another goal of Aim Talk is to open a dialogue between Aim and its employees, and everyone at Aim is encouraged to participate in employee surveys as well as reach out to their immediate supervisors with any questions or concerns.

Aim employees will receive a future email invitation to the next Aim Talk once a date and time are set.

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