Aim Marketing Department Adds New Team Member

Posted on 6/27/2022
Aim's newest Digital Marketing Specialist, Taylor Nelson

As growth continues for the Aim Transportation Solutions Marketing Department, we are proud to announce the addition of the team’s fifth member, Taylor Nelson. Taylor joined the team in June as Aim’s Digital Marketing Specialist with a focus on recruitment efforts at a time when recruitment and retention of drivers and mechanics is more crucial than ever.

Taylor comes to Aim with a wealth of marketing knowledge and industry experience, most recently working as the marketing specialist for a trailer dealership in North Carolina. Taylor is off to a running start-- assisting recruitment efforts through digital advertising.

“As the driver and mechanic shortage continues to grow, we’ve had to engage in new tactics to showcase Aim as a top industry employer,” said Scott Fleming, Aim Co-President. “With the changes we’ve made internally to improve the driver and technician experience, we’re working hard to make sure that’s being communicated effectively to potential employees through all possible channels, and Taylor will be essential in these efforts.”

Under the impactful direction of CHRO, Patty Durkin and her team, Aim has bolstered benefits packages, increased the amount of paid time off, and boosted 401K matches—to further improve the Aim employee experience and allow for increased retention and new recruitment opportunities.

“Our goal as a department is to efficiently and effectively communicate, not only our services and who we are as a transportation solutions provider,” said Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane “but also who we are as a company, as a culture, and as an employer. The latter is crucial at a time when the industry is experiencing this driver and mechanic shortage. The communication of our services thrives on the existence of a strong collective of Aim drivers in Aim trucks and Aim techs in Aim shops.”

With a growing force of more than 1,200 employees across the U.S., Aim sits well-poised to mitigate supply chain disruptions to meet the needs of existing and prospective customers industry-wide.

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