Aim Celebrates Women in Transportation

Posted on 4/4/2022
Some of the transportation industry's most influential female leaders joined Aim for a virtual panel to discuss their experiences gaining prominence in a traditionally male-dominated field.

This March, during Women’s History Month, Aim Transportation Solutions put the spotlight on the often overlooked but crucial link in American’s supply chain: women.

Women in the transportation industry used to be uncommon. However, in 2022, that’s no longer the case. Currently, women make up roughly 16.7% of professional truck drivers in the United States. That percentage is projected to increase substantially in the coming years.

The truck driver and technician shortages have paved the way for female truck drivers and technicians to have a more influential seat at the table. Now, more than ever, women are viewed as an untapped source for alleviating the driver and technician shortages wreaking havoc on the national supply chain. Moreover, female transportation professionals bring a diverse, fresh perspective to the industry that was overlooked for many decades.

As a family-owned and -operated company with a strong devotion to its employees, Aim is committed to cultivating a culture that promotes diversity, inclusion and endless opportunities for growth and success. And we recognize that without the brilliant and devoted women at Aim, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

On March 24, as part of our celebration of Women’s History Month, Aim held a “Women in Transportation” virtual panel. During the live event, Aim Director of Marketing and panel moderator, Jessica Deane, spoke with Patty Durkin, Aim's Chief Human Resource Officer; Leah Shaver, President & CEO of the National Transportation Institute; Jane Clark, VP of Member Services, NationaLease; Kim Beck, VP Benefits Consulting, Cottingham & Butler; and Wendy Pein, Account Executive, Cummins.

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Throughout the discussion, each of these highly successful female leaders shared their experiences with coming up in the industry and how they navigated what has traditionally been a male-dominated environment. They also spoke to how rewarding of a career path the field of commercial transportation is and offered advice to young women interested in getting into industry.

“I was often the only woman in the boardroom,” Shaver said, speaking to her experiences coming up in the industry, “and so while I seem confident now, it’s because I propelled through those stages while also pioneering and advocating for more women in leadership roles—doing that as a board member for Women in Trucking.”

“As I continued to excel,” Shaver continued, “I found it was often by saying ‘yes,’ yes to every opportunity, yes to new responsibilities, yes to changing roles, and yes to even what felt really difficult at the time, which was expanding from serving one company to companies that are all over the world.”

Shaver added, “As far as where the opportunities lie, they’re limitless.”

“Continue your education—don’t stop—and don’t fear the industry,” Durkin said, offering advice to young women considering a career in transportation. “Be confident, network, join professional associations within the industry.”

“Working in the transportation industry is such a good career,” Durkin added. “It’s a growing field, especially for women.”

Aim's Women in Transportation virtual panel featured prominent women in the transportation industry sharing their stories and answering questions from about what drives their success in a historically male-dominated industry.

Aim’s celebration of Women’s History Month didn’t start and stop with the virtual panel. The women of Aim’s Marketing department kept things going by sitting down with Aim’s female drivers, technicians and office employees for a “Women in Transportation” series focusing on what it’s like being a woman in this field.

Some reoccurring themes centered on the challenges they faced being among the minority in the industry and how they adapted to overcome those obstacles. Additionally, these amazing and devoted women at Aim offered empowering advice for other females considering a career in transportation.

When asked if she found it challenging working the trucking industry, Jackie Bostic, an Aim Truck Driver, enthusiastically responded that she did at first, but that it offered “peace of mind and is encouraging.” Bostic added, “I try to encourage other female truck drivers as well. When I see other females driving, I give them a thumbs up.”

Watch the entire series, including the full interview with Jackie Bostic.

Patty Durkin has been with Aim since 2006 and was recently named Aim's Chief Human Resources Officer.

Announced in March, the timing couldn’t have been better for Patty Durkin to be named Chief Human Resources Officer at Aim. Patty started with the company in 2006 as a Human Resource Manager and quickly climbed the ranks, being promoted to Vice President of Human Resources in just four short years and now to CHRO.

“Patty came on board in 2006, back when we were a company of 300 employees,” said Scott Fleming, Aim Co-President. “Today we have well over 1,000 employees, and I truly believe that no company reaches this level of growth without a cornerstone like Patty.”

“She is as ambitious as she is considerate,” Fleming added. “She’s a true problem-solver and innovator. Every company would be lucky to have their own Patty Durkin.”

We would like to thank all the women who participated in our Women’s History Month celebration and making it as resourceful as it was successful.

If you or someone you know is looking for a rich, rewarding career with great work-life balance, higher and consistent pay wages and a supportive, inclusive environment that inspires success, Aim has several opportunities to explore at

Aim Transportation Solutions, made up of Aim Leasing Company and Aim Integrated Logistics, headquartered in Girard, OH, provides transportation solutions, including full-service truck leasing, commercial vehicle rentals, dedicated contract carriage, maintenance programs, professional shop management, 3PL brokerage services (including LTL) and pre-owned vehicle sales. Aim operates approximately 11,000 vehicles out for more than 100 separate operations with over 1,200 employees across the country.

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