Disantis Named VP of Maintenance

Posted on 3/22/2022
Chris Disantis, recently named Aim's Vice President of Maintenance.

Aim Transportation Solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Disantis to Vice President of Maintenance. Since beginning his career at Aim in 1988, Disantis has been instrumental in elevating Aim’s maintenance services to the nationally renowned, award-winning level our customers rely on.

Since starting as a Lead Technician at Aim 34 years ago, Disantis has proven himself time and time again while steadily climbing the ranks. He has held the positions of Service Manager, Regional Service Manager, Regional Director of Maintenance, Director of Training & Field Technical Support and, just prior to his promotion, Senior Director of Maintenance.

Now as Aim’s VP of Maintenance, Disantis will continue to lead, innovative and streamline Aim’s maintenance operations nationwide to better serve our valued and diverse customer base. The increased scope of this position also affords him the opportunity to work more closely with sales and other departments, and he looks forward to strengthening the team atmosphere between maintenance and the other branches of the company.

“Even though it happens behind the scenes, maintenance is front and center of everything we do at Aim,” said Geoff Fleming, Aim Co-President. “Chris has long been an indispensable part of making Aim’s brand of maintenance the exceptional, unrivalled choice our partners count on. We’re as excited as we are honored to move him into this position, where we know he’ll continue making significant and enduring contributions to our company and customers.”

“I’ve been with Aim 34 years, and this position has been my ultimate goal,” Disantis said. “It means everything to me.”

When talking real-world industry experience, one would be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable or seasoned than Disantis. His hunger for his craft began with a love of working on cars and with his hands long before joining the Aim team, and he calls being able to turn that passion into a career “a dream come true.”

Disantis’ invaluable contributions go far beyond the walls of Aim and ripple across the industry. He’s on the Board of Directors for the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) and is a frequent expert contributor to industry publications. He formerly chaired the S.1 Electrical Study Group; served as S.1 1st Vice Chairman, 2014-2016; oversaw the development and update of numerous recommended practices; helped organize and serve as a panelist on several technical and mini-technical sessions with S.1 and other study groups. He has also served on the TMC Board Nominating Committee and the ASE Training Mangers Council for the past three years as well as currently serving as a member of NationaLease’s tech competition committee, which he has done for 10 years.

Disantis, Aim VP of Maintenance and TMC board member, stands next to Aim Technician John Norwood after his first-place finish at the 2021 TMC Tech Challenge.

With this wealth of experience, Disantis has sage advice for up-and-comers considering picking up a wrench: “Trucking and trucks will be around forever—whether diesel, hydrogen, electric, etc.—and the excitement today in our industry for technicians with the rapidly changing technology is outstanding.”

“The old grease monkey image is gone, and the future is laptops and high-level diagnostics on the shop floor,” Disantis continued. “This a great profession to get into and start climbing your way up the ladder from tech to shop foreman to service manager and beyond. The sky is the limit.”

A major reason why businesses choose to lease, rather than own, their commercial trucks and trailers is they recognize the value in having dependable, well-maintained equipment; after all, uptime and customer satisfaction are part of the same equation. Anyone can hand someone the keys to a new truck and send them on their way. The real worth is in the effort and commitment that goes into supporting the operation of that vehicle, and Mr. Disantis’ unwavering devotion to excellence is a key part of Aim’s ability to be the superior choice among its competitors.

“Aim has been part of mine and my family’s lives forever it seems,” Disantis added. “More than that, though, the people I work with are more like family than co-workers. We have excellent leadership, and I appreciate all the opportunities they have afforded me.”

“I tell everyone that I love the company I work for and look forward to coming in every day,” Disantis concluded. “This is a great company to work for and the possibilities are endless.”

Disantis and his wife, Renee, have three kids and two grandsons. He is an avid trail runner and participates in ultra-marathons.

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