Aim Driver Comes to Rescue of Elementary Student

Posted on 3/17/2020
Aim Integrated Logistics driver Bob Walker
It was a typical day for Aim Integrated Logistics driver Bob Walker, who was in the middle of a routine delivery at an elementary school. But this stop would be anything but typical.

Walker, driving for Joshen Paper Cleveland, was in the middle of his delivery when he heard a distressed shout: “Hey, mister!”

Bob climbed down from the back of his truck and ran toward the voice. He approached the source and saw it was coming from a young boy who was stuck between two vehicles. His pant leg was snagged in his bike chain, unable to move. Worse yet, it was a cold, rainy day.

Walker acted quickly. He untangled the boy’s pant leg and tied it together since it was torn, and the boy was able to continue on to school. Soon after, the school contacted Joshen Paper to thank Walker for his intervention and kindness.

“I felt terrible,” said Walker. “This poor kid had been stuck for about an hour in the cold and rain. I’m really glad that I was there at that time to be able to help him, but I didn’t think it was that special.”

“Bob went beyond his delivery duty in this matter,” said Roland Cronenwett, Aim account supervisor for Joshen Paper. “I think of him as an Aim superhero just because he went out of his way to help this poor kid. I thank God that he was there and heard him.

“This serves as a great example of how our drivers are aware of their surroundings and will always go out of their way for the well-being of others.”

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