Aim Marketing Department Sees Major Growth in 2021

Posted on 10/20/2021
Pictured (top left, clockwise): Conrad Smith, marketing manager; Jessica Bochy Deane, director of marketing; Joelle Hallis, digital marketing specialist; and Tammie Rodriguez, inside sales specialist.

In 2021, Aim’s marketing department has grown through the addition of a new position and the promotion of an existing department member into a new role. The need for this growth arose from the marketing department’s increased involvement in the company’s ongoing, upward evolution and recognition from upper management of the importance marketing will play in the company’s future. The department has also adopted a new benchmarking system this year to track its contribution to business growth.

The staff additions this year were designed to strengthen the department as it seeks to innovate the ways in which the company garners new business and strengthens its market share. The department has four central objectives: increase brand awareness, increase brand consideration, enhance customer relationships, and drive lead generation.

The key to the department’s success is the people that compose it and dedicate themselves to its mission daily. In October of 2021, Conrad Smith was promoted to marketing manager. Conrad started with Aim in October of 2017 as the marketing administrator and has grown into an indispensable part of the team.

“Conrad’s skill level in multiple functions of marketing, his dedication to Aim and his coworkers, and his leadership qualities made him the only real choice when it came to the role of marketing manager” said Aim’s director of marketing, Jessica Bochy Deane.

“It’s not every day you find someone as talented and hard-working as Conrad, and we’re fortunate to have him on the team,” said Matt Svancara, EVP of Sales and Marketing.

Conrad’s new position was not the only development Aim’s marketing department saw this year. The department also brought on new team member Joelle Hallis in the role of digital marketing specialist.

Aim Marketing Manager, Conrad Smith

“We started dipping our toe in the water with digital marketing many years ago – increasing our SEO, strategically placing digital ads, improving our web citations, social media, and in the last two years, pay-per-click advertising. We’ve seen the benefits: more people know about Aim than ever before, they see our logo out there, people read about the exciting things we’re doing and they want to do business with us,” Jessica goes on to say.

“Bringing on Joelle was a very important step in the right direction with our web presence - we have someone living and breathing Aim from a digital advertising and reputation management standpoint. Not only is the new role fantastic, but we found an amazing candidate in Joelle, who has a history in digital marketing and a history in transportation. She’s a great fit for us, and I look forward to her growing right along with us!” says Jessica.

With the new benchmarking system implemented by Jessica, the department has been able to track its productivity in ways that it never could before. The company has seen an impressive 1,500 leads come from the department’s wide array of efforts, including inside sales specialist, Tammie Rodriguez’s outbound phone calls, monthly webinar participants, and people filling out webforms. These leads have resulted in 155 contractual business proposals and 14 signings YTD in October.

“As a department we can now look and see that the contribution we have made has value, and that pushes us to contribute more,” says Jessica. “Our goals are now measurable and that makes a huge difference to us motivationally speaking.”

Aim Soars in Record-Breaking Sales and Rental Year

Posted on 10/15/2021
Pictured (l-r): EVP of Sales & Marketing and Masters Club Hall of Famer, Matt Svancara; Director of Rental, Josh Lombardo; and Sales Manager and multi-time Platinum Masters Club Honoree, Mike Wall.

This year has moved at break-neck speed, and perhaps no group knows this better than the talented men and women who make up the Aim sales and rental staffs.

Early 2021 erupted in a flood of full-service lease truck deals, maintenance agreements, truck rentals, dedicated fleet contracts and demand for the rest of Aim’s complete menu of transportation services. In fact, businesses clamoring for Aim’s trusted family-owned and -operated brand of fleet solutions have been so great that Aim is in the midst of a record-setting sales year.

“One of the major factors behind this sharp increase in business is, up until around March of this year, decisionmakers were sitting on their capital rather than investing it due to the uncertainty of the economy,” said Matt Svancara, Aim’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Then, when shutdowns and restrictions began to lift, everyone went full-throttle, and thanks to the great relationships we have with our customers as well as the flexibility, dependability and personalized care that the Aim brand carries, we were primed and ready to cast a net and deliver the equipment and services businesses were, and still are, demanding.”

No company is immune to the rise and falls of the economy, and that made 2020 look a lot different than 2021. However, Aim benefits from serving a vital industry. Despite what’s happening across the greater landscape of the country—be it a pandemic or recession—goods and services must be delivered, and for half a century, Aim has been there to help fulfill that need no matter the circumstances.

During the pandemic, Aim adapted. It targeted businesses in high-demand sectors while coming up with innovative short-term solutions for businesses most impacted by the volatility of the market. While the leadership team at Aim was confident all sectors of the economy would bounce back, no one quite predicted Aim was on the edge of a historic highpoint.

“I’m fortunate to lead a team who not only care deeply about the job they do but wake up every day hungry for success,” Svancara added. “Their resolve and innovative approach to business during the pandemic was admirable, and, despite the market becoming more favorable, they’ve carried on that same grit and determination to make this the best sales year in our company’s history.”

Aim is nearing 200% of the company’s Sales goal for 2021, and eight salespeople have already exceeded their sales goal by 200%, another historic milestone for Aim.

The rental department has also soared to remarkable heights. Since early this year, rental utilization has hovered around a record-setting 85%. Like the leasing side of the business, this success is driven by strong demand, dependable rental equipment and an experienced and determined rental team, led by Director of Rental Josh Lombardo, ready to meet that demand head on.

A brand-new, top-of-the line Aim Kenworth day cab rental, one of many new pieces of equipment entering Aim's robust rental fleet.

The rental department isn’t easing up on the throttle either. Throughout the year, Aim has been refreshing its rental fleet, adding new equipment monthly, including brand-new, top-of-the line Kenworth sleepers and day cabs. This is part of Aim’s commitment to its rental customers: providing efficient and reliable trucks and trailers they can depend on.

“2020 was a challenging year for the rental industry in general,” Lombardo said. “During the pandemic, we fought hard to keep our equipment rented, and this year, the pendulum has swung in the complete opposite direction, which presents its own set of difficulties. The way our team has met the challenges of last year and this year has been nothing short of admirable, and everybody in the rental department should be as proud of themselves as I am of them.”

Further cementing the prestige of the sales team, 14 individuals, as of the writing of this article, have already qualified for the Aim Presidents’ Circle award for 2021. Two have qualified for the NationaLease Masters Club platinum award status—an honor given to the best of the best—along with one other who’s on the cusp.

Landing a spot in NationaLease’s Masters Club isn’t easy. Hundreds of sales professionals within the NationaLease network of commercial truck leasing companies compete annually for a spot in this points-based recognition system, awarding only those achieving the highest level of performance. The caliber of competition is fierce, yet Aim proudly occupies numerous spots each year with several regulars, like Masters Club hall of famer Svancara and Aim Sales Manager Mike Wall.

“Aim’s success is the employees’ success,” said Svancara. “They’re the ones who embody our company’s customer-first focus and inject it into every decision they make and every interaction they have. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Aim Integrated Promotes Eight Individuals

Posted on 10/12/2021
Recently named Vice President of Operations, Brandon Stieb

Aim Transportation Solutions is proud to announce a flurry of promotions within Aim Integrated Logistics, Aim’s division offering unparalleled dedicated fleet and freight brokerage services.

Since its inception, Aim Integrated Logistics has steadily grown into a household name within the commercial trucking industry. Currently, Aim Integrated Logistics ranks 22nd on Transport Topics' Top 50 Dedicated Carriers list.

For those unfamiliar, a dedicated fleet through Aim provides a complete distribution and transportation system for its customers. That’s achieved by providing customers with not only trucks and drivers but the technology necessary to make sure the product or services are delivered effectively, efficiently and on time—a must in today’s on-demand climate.

Aim Integrated Logistics’ continued success is borne from one thing: its people. Without each employee’s experience, knowledge and dedication, Aim wouldn’t be able to provide its dedicated fleet customers with the total, complete and flexible shipping services their businesses rely on.

The following individuals have been elevated not only for their superb performance, expertise and commitment but also for their unwavering customer-first focus: Brandon Stieb, Vice President of Operations; Scott Leslie, Regional Vice President; Tony Miele, Regional Vice President; Patrick Grandy, Regional Vice President; Rob Vogan, Regional Vice President; Kim Slater, Director of Integrated Billing; Bethany Sanchez, Regional Field Manager; and Ralph Wilson, Regional Field Manager.

“The last ten years we’ve had substantial growth, and we felt like as our footprint grows throughout the country, we were kind of losing the personal touch that makes us successful—not only with our customers but with our drivers,” said Aim Integrated Logistics COO, David Gurska. “So, we felt it was important to elevate some individuals and add more people in the field that can visit with our customers more regularly.”

In this interview, Aim Integrated COO & Executive Vice President, David Gurska, discusses the restructuring of his division, which saw eight new promotions.

Newly promoted regional vice presidents (clockwise starting top left): Pat Grandy, Scott Leslie, Rob Vogan and Tony Miele

“Our operations team is full of hard workers and innovative thinkers, and each one of them is a fundamental part of keeping our promise to deliver best-in-class transportation services,” said Tom Reda, Vice President of Business Development for Aim Integrated Logistics. “Promoting eight individuals at once says a lot about Aim: That we hire and develop only the best of the best, and that we live up to our reputation as a top ranked carrier in the U.S.”

Eight promotions at once in a single division is indeed a testament in and of itself. It affirms Aim’s loyalty to its employees, promoting from within and supporting each individual along their career paths.

“Even though we have over a thousand employees, there’s still value in looking at each individual, providing them with an opportunity to grow and prosper, as well as the company to grow and prosper with them,” said Tom Fleming, Aim CEO & Chairman. “We want everyone not to have just a job, but we want everyone at Aim to have a career.”

Within these major promotions, chief among them is Brandon Stieb, transitioning from director of operations to vice president of operations. Over the years, Mr. Stieb’s expertise, forward thinking and innovation have been invaluable to the company, and he has been instrumental in the success of Aim Integrated Logistics’ brokerage services.

Aim’s freight brokerage services (commonly referred to as Aim 3PL) utilizes Aim’s impeccable reputation and longstanding nationwide partnerships to connect shippers with qualified carriers at negotiated cost-effective rates. Aim 3PL provides shippers with instant flexibility and scalability with the benefit of saving time, money and resources—a genuine win-win-win service.

When Gurska was tasked with starting a freight brokerage company, one of his initials thoughts was Brandon. He knew Brandon prior to his arrival at Aim. Most notably, he knew of his strong work ethic and solid character and knew he could play a fundamental role in Aim 3PL’s steady march toward success. Brandon did just that and more.

Aim Founder, Chairman & CEO Tom Fleming discusses what dedicated contract carriage with Aim looks like, the history of the division and what makes Aim a preferred career destination.

Pictured (starting top): Kim Slater, Director of Integrated Billing; Bethany Sanchez, regional field manager; and Ralph Wilson, regional field manager.

“[Brandon] has been a great fit, and he’s been doing an amazing job,” Gurska said. “So, it was a well-deserved promotion.”

“I am confident these individuals, along with everyone else at Aim, will continue to steer us in the right direction,” Gurska added. “I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Aim. The combination of great ownership, great leadership and a great work environment will guarantee our success for years to come.”

If you’re struggling to hire drivers, make deliveries or just want to devote more time, money and resources to your core business, Aim Integrated Logistics is your streamlined answer. Email us to find out how Aim’s experts will engineer a shipping solution customized to how you do business.

Aim Employee Appreciation Luncheon Returns

Posted on 9/29/2021
Aim employees from our two Youngstown locations enjoy some sunshine and great food.

On Friday, September 24, Aim Transportation Solutions held our annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon for the staff of our corporate offices in Youngstown, OH. This year's event felt extra special after last year’s luncheon was canceled due to COVID.

So, it's been too long since Aim employees have had the opportunity to come together and enjoy each other's company, but with additional social distancing and safety measures and the help of some beautiful fall weather, employees were able to enjoy a delicious meal catered by Barry Dyngles and some long-overdue face time.

As a family-owned and operated business for over 50 years, Aim’s most valuable assets are our employees. Chairman/CEO, Tom Fleming, and Co-Presidents, Geoff and Scott Fleming, were all on site to help serve food, pass out drinks, and join in on the fun.

“Our employees really are at the center of who we are and what we do,” said Carli Kuntze, Director of Human Resources at Aim. “This event is a great opportunity for us to thank the local team—whose dedication and hard work are instrumental in keeping our valued customers moving—and to finally come together after having to cancel last year’s employee luncheon due to COVID concerns and restrictions, which made this one all the more special.”

Aim employees in Youngstown dig in on food from Barry Dyngles and One Hot Cookie

If you're looking for new opportunities, the Aim family is ready to welcome you. Visit and explore our exciting career opportunities.

Aim Counts on Local Talent to Fill Positions

Posted on 9/28/2021
Aim's new assistant controller, Justin Battisi.

Aim Transportation Solutions, a leading national provider of commercial vehicles and services for more than 50 years, is pleased to welcome two new hires to the Accounting Department at our corporate headquarters in Youngstown, OH.

As a family-owned and -operated company headquartered in Northeast Ohio, Aim continues to invest in local talent, promoting job growth in our own backyard.

Justin Battisi, Aim’s new assistant controller, is a Youngstown local, born and raised in Struthers, OH. He graduated Cum Laude from Youngstown State University in 2010 with a bachelor’s in accounting. Upon graduation, Justin completed an internship with Hill Barth & King, where he was employed until 2014.

In 2015, Justin obtained his CPA license and began work with a Cleveland-based multi-wealth management firm. There he was promoted to director of accounting & financial reporting before leaving for a position as controller of a large property management company.

Justin, an avid Cleveland sports fan, now resides in Hudson, OH, with his fiancée, Gracie. Together they enjoy hiking at Cuyahoga Valley National Park and entertaining family and friends at their new home.

Newly appointed credit manager, Aaron Baker, is also a local hire. He comes to us from Newton Falls, OH, and is a 1992 graduate of Ohio University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Communication.

Aaron began his career in 1993 as a manager at a consumer lending agency, where he was employed until 2008. Aaron then went on to work as a mortgage consultant for Wells Fargo, a credit supervisor at Hoover/Dirt-Devil and, most recently, a credit/collections manager for Olympic Steel.

When Aaron isn’t crunching numbers, he’s working on home improvement projects and enjoys traveling with his fiancée, Joyce.

Aim's new credit manager, Aaron Baker.

“This is exciting because Justin and Aaron are coming in with well-rounded backgrounds and a ton of expertise that will complement our diverse business perfectly,” said Aim CFO Rick Fox. “We’re grateful to have found these two high-caliber candidates locally in order to continue growing our deep roots in Northeast Ohio, where we’re headquartered.”

Fox added: “Aim has been part of the Youngstown business community for decades, and that’s a credit to all the talented folks at Aim, like Justin and Aaron, who have been instrumental in the company’s success and who will allow us to continue contributing to the community long into the future.”

“Justin and Aaron will make great additions to Aim’s corporate support,” said Aim Co-President Geoff Fleming. “A lot has to happen behind the scenes to make Aim a trusted, best-in-class provider of commercial transportation services, and I’m confident they are going to play an important role in Aim’s continued growth and success.”

Aim Transportation Solutions is the largest privately-owned truck leasing company in North America. No matter what you do, what you’re transporting, or where you’re taking it, Aim keeps businesses moving. We’ve been delivering reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions for more than 50 years. Whether you need a full-service lease, a commercial rental, a maintenance program, or a complete takeover of your fleet operation, our customized solutions help reduce cost and increase transportation efficiency.

Aim Tech Wins at TMCSuperTech

Posted on 9/23/2021
Aim Technician John Norwood holds his award on the TMCSuperTech stage after taking first place in the Engines and Aftertreatment station.

Back in June, NationaLease held the first leg of its annual Tech Challenge. This event pits technicians from 140 independent businesses against each other in a series of knowledge- and skills-based truck maintenance challenges to determine who’s worthy of the designation of Top Tech. Then we reported Aim had three technicians take first place in three of the nine competing regions. Those were John Norwood, out of Elmhurst, IL; Matt Dove, Buffalo, NY; and Dave Trader, Elkhart, IN.

Mr. Norwood not only placed first in his region (an accomplishment he’s achieved more than once), but he earned one of the top three scores across all the competing regions. This impressive feat secured him a spot to compete in the Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) SuperTech challenge. Anyone in the industry knows the weight and prestige attached to this two-day, multi-round competition. For those who don’t: This is where the best of the best go to prove the mastery of their craft. Call it the Olympics of commercial truck and equipment maintenance and repair.

John Norwood, who came up through Aim’s apprenticeship program, which trains and certifies new diesel technicians, took his talents to Cleveland, OH, the stage for the TMCSuperTech, and went to work demonstrating his skills. We’re pleased and honored to announce that he took the gold in the Engines and Aftertreatment station.

Aim Technician John Norwood (right), after his first-place finish, stands next to Chris Disantis, Aim's senior director of maintenance and TMC board member.

“John is a multi-time regional winner of the NationaLease Tech Challenge, and to see him excel on an even grander stage is truly extraordinary,” said Chris Disantis, Aim’s senior director of maintenance. “I know I speak on behalf of everyone at Aim when I say how proud I am of all of John’s hard work and accomplishments.”

Winning this event is especially notable with the increasing complexity of engines and aftertreatment systems. Being able to diagnose and treat this intricate area with precision and skill is vital to the mechanical fitness of your fleet. In the case of early diagnoses, it also means the difference between paying the price of routine maintenance and the steep price of a major mechanical breakdown. With Aim services, like an Aim full-service lease, you, of course, enjoy the peace of mind knowing our skilled and experienced techs are trained to prevent these types of breakdowns (and others), increasing the uptime of your fleet and, in turn, your customers’ satisfaction.

“We at Aim are fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated team of techs, like Mr. Norwood, turning wrenches for us and our valued customers,” Disantis added. “Our company operates on the motto ‘service is our only product,’ which wouldn’t be possible without the vital work these individuals perform day in and day out.”

Aim to Host Driver Retention Webinar

Posted on 9/22/2021
October Webinar Guest Host and Driver Retention Specialist, Ray Haight.

Aim's October Webinar, part of our monthly webinar series, will focus on how your company can combat the ever-worsening driver shortage through increased driver retention efforts.

The guest host for this webinar is Truckload Carriers Association's carrier retention coach and life-long driver retention specialist, Mr. Ray Haight. Mr. Haight will be reviewing his proven method for a sustained driver retention, which will keep your business operational and profitable.

This Zoom session, being held on Monday, October 4th at 3:00PM EST, will include an open session for questions at the end. If you run a company that employees drivers, this is a "can't miss" webinar!

About Our Host

Ray Haight is a second-generation trucker; his parents ran a small four truck fleet operation, which worked for a local shipper into the U.S. market. Ray Haight was a driver and Owner Operator for ten years logging over one million accident-free miles before starting his own company, which serviced long-haul lanes with both dry van and refrigerated equipment.

In 1984 he started Southwestern Express Inc. based in London, Ontario, which grew into a successful dry van and refrigerated 50-truck fleet. In 1990 MacKinnon Transport Ltd. was brought in as a partner, and Southwestern Express moved from London to Guelph, Ontario; in January of 2000, MacKinnon Transport Ltd. and Southwestern Express Inc. were amalgamated. Ray held President and COO's position until May of 2005; at that time, MacKinnon Transport Inc. was a 275-truck fleet, warehousing, and Logistics Company.

Currently, he resides in London, Ontario, where in addition to being Retention Coach at Truckload Carriers Association and co-founder of TCA inGauge carrier benchmarking platform, he also finds time to lend his energies to many transportation industries related initiatives and associations.

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar and thank you for your participation!

An Outlook calendar invite will be sent to you within 24 hours of completion of registration. The Zoom link will be within the invitation. Please register no later than 2 hours prior to the session to ensure entry.

Aim Celebrates Truck Drivers

Posted on 9/22/2021
Aim Co-Presidents Scott and Geoff Fleming and their father, Aim Chairman/CEO Tom Fleming show their appreciation for truck drivers and draw the names of the last two TV winners.

As the old adage goes: If you bought it, a truck brought it. It’s a short and simple statement, yet, in just eight words, it underscores how necessary truck drivers are to our daily lives. To help the nation not lose sight of this, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) is held every year in September. During this weeklong event, Americans are asked to show their appreciation for the country’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers and the fundamental role they carry out quietly and with pride. So, before we go any further, we want to say: Thank you, drivers. We truly appreciate you. All of you.

While Aim doesn’t need a special reminder of how crucial our truck drivers are to us providing best-in-class dedicated fleet services, we never miss seizing the NTDAW event to give our professional drivers some extra appreciation.

“For decades, Aim Integrated Logistics has made a name for itself by employing the highest caliber drivers, and without them, we would be nothing,” said Dave Gurska, COO of Aim Integrated Logistics. “To see the hard work, sacrifice and dedication our drivers—and the nation’s drivers—have demonstrated, especially during the last two years, has been inspiring, and I’m honored to be able to express how much I and everyone at Aim appreciate all they’ve done and continue to do for our valued customers and the country’s supply chain.”

This year, every Aim driver received a $50 gift card inside a thank you card signed by Aim’s executive team and regional managers. But it didn’t stop there. From Sept. 13 – 17, a lineup up of Aim hosts stepped in front of the camera—including Aim Co-Presidents Scott and Geoff Fleming and their father, Aim Chairman/CEO Tom Fleming—to share across social media their gratitude for Aim’s truck drivers and raffle off 10 70” Samsung Ultra HD televisions.

Aim driver Brian Golec stands next to his brand new 70" television after having his name drawn during Aim's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week celebration. Thank you for all you do, Brian!

The winning Aim drivers were:

  • Floyd Johnston
  • Joshua Fry
  • Anthony Tarmon
  • Joe Cannon
  • Brian Golec
  • John Vader Jr.
  • Thomas Hively Jr.
  • Steve Wiggins
  • Thomas Jones
  • Todd Bennett

The most difficult task on the NTDAW agenda was taking Aim’s elite, nationwide team of highly skilled professional drivers and narrowing them down to just five individuals for daily driver spotlights, which were also shared across Aim’s social media. As tough of an undertaking as this was, these were the individuals recognized for their hard work and relentless commitment to Aim and our valued customers:

  • Bud Hough
  • Greg Jones
  • Sam Atkins
  • David Wesig
  • Joshua Fry

Thank you to them and all of our amazing truck drivers.

Pictured next to his rig is US Navy Veteran Sam Atkins, one of five Aim drivers to be spotlighted during Aim's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week celebration. Sam, thank you for your service.

Watch our YouTube playlist featuring each day's raffle.

Aim is proud to continue adding good-paying driving jobs with great benefits to several parts of the country. Aim works with a large variety of customers all over the country, so there’s always something available for everyone. Drivers in need of a job can view opportunities at, or reach out to our recruiting department directly at 330-318-4260.

If you’re struggling to hire drivers for your business, a dedicated fleet through Aim Integrated Logistics is your all-in-one answer. Providing more than just trucks and drivers, our experts engineer a transportation solution to compliment your business that enhance and optimize your shipping operation while reducing the time, money and resources spent on your fleet. To learn more about how an Aim dedicated fleet (or any of our other transportation solutions such as full-service leasing or comprehensive maintenance programs), reach out to

Driver Finishing School Rolls Out

Posted on 9/21/2021
Michael Fetterhoff (left) and Brian Williams (right)

Aim Integrated Logistics recently launched a new Skill Development Training Program, which works as a “driver finishing” program for driving-school graduates.

The 12-week program places a “student” with an Aim trainer, enabling the driver to build on skills acquired in truck-driving school and prepare to become a “first seat” or solo operator.

Since May, Aim has graduated one driver to first seat – Michael Fetterhoff. He is assigned to Aim’s flatbed account at Hydro Extrusions in Cressona, Pa.

“A friend told me Aim was a great company to work for,” Michael said. “The reason I stay is because Aim employees are easy to talk to and help out as much as they can.”

“It’s just a great company to work for, from office personnel to the other drivers. Even the safety manager is awesome.”

Four new students are off to exciting starts in the program: Brian Golec, Brian Williams, Jacobe Karenbauer and Nicholas Davis.

“My entire experience with Aim has been great,” Brian Williams said. “This company treats their employees with a high amount of respect and places an emphasis on driver safety. I am glad that I've become a part of this company.”

Jacobe Karenbauer (left) and Brian Golec (right)

Jacobe added, “I picked Aim because they are willing to train me right out of school for a local position for pretty good pay. I want to stay with Aim because of how nice and respectful everyone has treated me so far.”

Said Brian Golec: “I chose Aim's student driver training program because as a new driver I would learn valuable experiences in the industry.”

The program is administered by John Kirn III, safety manager for Aim’s Cleveland region. John ensures the students and trainers are collaborating to acquire the necessary skill sets for safe driving and delivery.

Aim Mechanic Wins Family Vacation to Disney World

Posted on 9/8/2021

The worsening driver and diesel technician shortage plaguing the nation is no secret. No business or supply chain is immune to its devastating impacts. It’s a ceaseless battle with no end in sight.

One way Aim Transportation Solutions battles back is through year-round recruitment contests. Aim prides itself on hiring the best of the best—after all, Aim employees are second to none!—and the leadership team knows that good people know good people and so encourages employees to help fill any open spots that spring up.

Pictured: (left) John Casey, Aim Hensley Chandler Service Manager, (right) Robert Carlson, Contest Winner

To spark that initiative, Aim employees routinely earn anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 bonuses whenever they successfully refer a driver or diesel mechanic who joins the Aim family. On top of that lucrative incentive, annual recruiting contests are held, and Aim’s most recent one was an incredibly exciting one.

This summer, Aim employees who referred a class A CDL driver or diesel mechanic earned $2,000 plus an entry into a drawing for an all-expense-paid, one-week vacation for four to the Happiest Place on Earth—Disney World!

Thanks to persistent employee efforts over the last three months, Aim brought on four new drivers and two technicians. Anyone in this business knows that the addition of even one new driver or mechanic is a huge win. So, six is astronomical.

A drawing was held on August 31st by Aim Co-President, Scott Fleming and the winner was announced. Robert Carlson, an Aim diesel technician working out of the Aim ProShop operation in Chandler, Arizona for our valued customer Hensley Beverage won this incredible prize. Robert and his family are headed to Disney! .

Thank you to these individuals who made this contest a success:

  • Nicholes Golec, Aim Driver for customer Astro Shapes
  • Joshua Robinson, Mechanic at Aim shop in Canton, OH
  • Paul Morales, Aim Driver for customer Astro Shapes
  • Robert Carlson, Aim Mechanic for ProShop
  • Reggie Curry, Aim Driver for customer Jade Sterling
  • Steven Leslie, Aim Driver for customer Wincore Swainsboro

  • “Your efforts in supporting Aim as a best-in-class provider of commercial transportation services and a preferred career destination do not go unnoticed” Patty Durkin, Aim’s vice president of human resources, said of the six employees in the drawing

    “In this industry and in this climate, every single driver and mechanic makes a world of difference for us and our valued customers,” said Scott Fleming, Aim Co-President. “We’re incredibly fortunate to have the collective effort of the Aim family helping us bring in highly-skilled and experienced personnel to make Aim better and better each day.”

    If you’re struggling to hire and retain drivers, Aim Transportation Solutions’ Integrated Logistics division delivers unparalleled dedicated fleet services, providing businesses with skilled professional drivers, new and efficient trucks, and countless money-saving, efficiency-improving value-added services.

    On the flip side, if you’re struggling to hire and retain technicians, Aim ProShop is your answer. Not only does Aim hire and retain diesel mechanics, but it delivers measurable cost-savings, including parts, and an increase in the overall efficiency of your shop.

    Check out the raffle drawing with a message from Aim Co-President, Scott Fleming, below!

    For more information on these programs or any of Aim’s other transportation services—including full-service leasing, commercial truck rentals, brokerage, used truck sales and maintenance—reach out to

    If you’re in the market for a new career, working somewhere with a family culture and great benefits, Aim is your destination. Visit for information on and to apply for current openings.

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