Aim Holds Fourth National Sales Meeting—Virtually

Posted on 1/25/2021

The Aim National Sales Meeting: Strategies for Success, held every January, is a multi-day event for Aim Transportation Solution’s sales staff and executive team, consisting of two days of meetings followed by a four-day incentive trip for those who reached their annual goal. During the meeting portion of the event Aim celebrates the successes of the prior sales year and lays a strategic path forward into the new one. However, due to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, Strategies for Success, now in its fourth year, looked a lot different this time around, trading its traditional backdrop of warm Florida sunshine and swaying palm trees for laptops and Zoom windows, going 100-percent online. The incentive trip that normally followed the meeting was cancelled.

“This meeting is an important part of our selling year – it is a ceremonious closing of one chapter and opening of the next for us, so we wanted to sacrifice as little as possible in going virtual,” said Jessica Bochy Deane, Aim Director of Marketing and the meeting’s organizer. “The idea from the start was to take the meeting’s three main events—the awards ceremony, the vendor fair and the upcoming years’ preparatory sessions—place them into a virtual setting, while doing what we could to preserve the collaborative, comradery-building spirit of the in-person event.”

So, beginning Jan. 11, participants did just that. For three days, a tight agenda was kept that included a steady lineup of presentations and discussions, led by Aim’s executive and management staff, to plan, inspire and ready the Aim sales staff for a lucrative 2021. Each day was capped off with a Virtual Vendor Fair, where Aim’s valued vendor partners—who, through their sponsorship, make this meeting possible each year—had “booths” for the Aim team to visit and gain product knowledge that they can turn around and offer current and future Aim customers.

But it wasn’t all business all the time. Spliced in were rounds of trivia as well as raffles, which, thanks to Aim’s valued vendor partners, included a spate of awesome prizes, featuring giveaways like gift cards, Apple AirPods and even a trip to Orlando, FL. Aim Business Development Manager Brian Peisker took home trivia gold and an extra vacation day for his efforts.

“It’s unfortunate we weren’t able to be in Florida, but the ultimate goal of the meeting, whether we’re there or in front of our laptops, is that each salesperson walks away equipped with some added knowledge, techniques and extra motivation to hit the ground running,” said Matt Svancara, Aim Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “And I would definitely say we achieved that with what we put together over the course of this virtual event.”

Aim Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Matt Svancara, "hands out" awards to the sales team for their achievements in 2020.

No Aim Sales Meeting would be complete without recognizing its standout performers, and 2020’s economic woes add extra emphasis to how special what those individuals achieved truly is. For exceeding their annual sales goal, these individuals were awarded the President’s Circle award:

  • Brian Bair, Senior Account Executive
  • Don Baldacci, Senior Account Executive
  • Mike Chopp, Regional Vice President of Sales
  • Kevin Dunbar, Senior Account Executive
  • Kerry Langlois, Senior Account Executive
  • Jeff Leas, District Sales Manager
  • Alex Marchal, Business Development Manager
  • Rick McNerney, Senior Account Executive
  • Dave Nichols, Business Development Manager
  • Candy Paulus, Business Development Manager
  • Brian Peisker, Business Development Manager
  • Joe Telega, Regional Vice President of Sales
  • Mike Wall, District Sales Manager
  • Mike Williams, District Sales Manager

McNerney and Langlois led the company in revenue and most new accounts signed, respectively. McNerney, who couldn’t seem to stay out of the spotlight, and Wall were also recognized for having achieved the platinum level for NationaLease Masters Club, which recognizes the accomplishments of sales professionals who exceed the highest threshold of yearly performance among the entire organization, made up of more than 140 independent businesses.

“Our sales team always gives me so much to be proud of,” said Svancara. “But what I saw from them throughout 2020—the resolve, the dedication, the innovation—is something extra special, and each and every one of them should be as proud of themselves a I am of them. I’m fortunate to lead such a talented and resilient group.”

American Office Installers Appreciates Aim Team

Posted on 12/29/2020
Pictured, left to right, at Aim’s Cheswick, PA, shop, are Aim Business Development Specialist Dave Nichols, Aim Class A Mechanic Dan Scholtz and Aim Working Foreman Logan Gross.

Looking for ways to reduce expenses, American Office Installers General Manager, Frank Gibala, in 2019, looked at the company’s trucks and started running the numbers. He found out what many decisionmakers do: leasing your commercial equipment can be cheaper—not to mention more convenient and efficient—than owning it. After the owners reviewed Frank’s figures, they promptly made the transition to full-service leasing with Aim.

Frank, who has well over 20 years’ experience in office furniture industry, cites maintenance as being a large part of the equation, particularly for companies, like American Office Installers, that aren’t equipped to perform their own maintenance, instead relying on costly outsourcing for repairs and general upkeep.

American Office Installers operates out of Cheswick, PA, a town just outside of Pittsburgh, which is also home to one of Aim’s service shops. Serving the Tri-State area for more than two decades, the folks there specialize in open plan office furniture systems installation, furniture reconfiguration, project move/management and other services, such as logistics. What sets them apart from their competitors is their ability to provide flexible, on-time, as-planned services to meet their clients’ budgets. In other words: Their ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction. And one of full-service leasing’s chief benefits is allowing businesses to focus more on just that.

With an Aim full-service lease, the obvious items, like maintenance and repairs, are, of course, taken care of. But there are also a lot of other moving parts—like licensing, permitting, fuel tax reporting, managing breakdowns and scheduling maintenance, just to name a few—that can take time and resources away from your core business. Leasing your trucks and trailers, however, allows you to divert those energies into your core business.

So, how has it worked out for the folks over at American Office Installers? “Fantastic,” said Frank. “I couldn’t say enough good, positive words about the team.”

Frank highlighted the attentiveness and quick action by Dave Nichols, Aim’s Business Development Specialist who manages the account. “When I have questions, issues, problems, he’s very responsive and gets back to me right away and helps me figure out solutions.”

As mentioned up top, one of the major draws for American Office Installers making the switch was saving on maintenance costs, which Aim has delivered. But what of the quality of service? Frank notes that the two-man Cheswick maintenance team—consisting of Logan Gross, Aim Working Foreman, and Dan Scholtz, Aim Class A Mechanic—have also been great. When Gross commits to doing something, he and Scholtz get it done right the first time, the American Office Installers GM highlighted.

“If someone is looking to lease their trucks through a company, I would highly recommend Aim,” said Frank.

Aim, Family Express Reimagine Delivery Process

Posted on 12/29/2020
Dimitri Olympidis, Vice President, Central Enterprises & Marketing Liaison to Operations at Family Express

Longtime and valued Aim Integrated Logistics customer Family Express, an award-winning Indiana convenience store chain, was looking for a way to overhaul their delivery process. They had a primary goal in mind, which was to improve the quality of life for their drivers through safety and scheduling, triggering a collaborative effort to reimagine their delivery process and put it into action.

First, Family Express wanted to shift its delivery times for its 70-plus locations. The original schedule had Aim-Family Express drivers beginning their routes around 3 p.m. with the last driver sometimes returning as late as 2 a.m. “With those routes they’re missing dinner with their families; they’re not home when the kids come home from school; they’re not home when their spouses get off work,” said Dimitri Olympidis, Vice President, Central Enterprises & Marketing Liaison to Operations at Family Express. “So, at the top of the list, quality of life was one of the things that we were able to improve by shifting when we deliver.”

Second, but no less important, was finding a way to make significant improvements to safety. To do this, eliminating drivers having to run product up and down a ramp—sometimes upwards of 30 times per store—was a key focus.

The idea for a solution to this problem came after seeing a Pepsi driver at one of their stores take a full load, which had been palletized at the warehouse beforehand, down a lift and straight to the door. Management at Family Express decided they could harness this method to create a safer, more efficient procedure of their own and would need Aim’s help to actualize it.

Jessica Deane, Aim Director of Marketing, chatted with Dimitri Olympidis, Vice President, Central Enterprises & Marketing Liaison to Operations at Family Express, about the Aim-Family Express partnership and how it recently evolved.

“Aim brought in a lot of their experience from some of their other accounts coupled with all these wild, crazy ideas that we had,” said Olympidis, “and we were able to develop a system that eliminated that ramp altogether, and now everything goes off on a lift gate. So, that in itself improved the driver situation.”

A big piece of implementing this new approach was switching the Family Express fleet from refrigerated straight trucks to tractors and trailers.

Making that equipment switch also required a different class of driver. “This commanded a little bit more money,” said Olympidis, “but with the efficiencies that we were able to realize, we were able to afford that higher wage.” “Whether it was from the safety perspective, from the driver perspective, from the Family Express perspective or the Aim perspective,” continued Olympidis, “what we had done had been better, and so it really was a win-win for everyone involved.”

Aim knows there is no one-size-fits-all, industry-wide answer to transportation, so being adaptable and ever-evolving is part of Aim’s foundational core. This understanding of needing to be fluid and collaborative in our approach to doing business is why, at Aim, customer relationships are often referred to as partnerships, always aiming for those win-win solutions, like the one cited by Mr. Olympidis.

When asked if he would recommend Aim, Olympidis said: “If you’re looking to continue a great system, they’re going to be great, but if you’re looking to improve a great system to make it an even better one, which is what we’re always doing at Family Express, they have proven themselves to be a great partner in that process.”

Aim Pros Reach Platinum Masters Club Level

Posted on 12/28/2020
Aim Senior Account Executive Rick McNerney

Aim is thrilled to share that Mike Wall, Aim Regional Sales Manager, and Rick McNerney, Aim Senior Account Executive, have achieved the Platinum level for NationaLease Masters Club, which recognizes the accomplishments of those sales professionals who exceed the highest threshold of yearly performance.

In one of the U.S. economy’s historically toughest years, this type of achievement feels extra special. It has required a double (maybe triple) dose of resolve and an ever-evolving approach to doing business, which Wall likens to casting a wider net.

“We are marketing and selling to the customers that are in high-demand sectors,” said Wall, “and customers and prospects who are concerned with the short-term, we’re coming up with options for them, like leveraging our rental fleet and maintenance programs to find creative ways to help them out.”

McNerney credits much of his, and Mike’s, success to their, and Aim’s, consultative approach to doing business: “Both Mike and I are highly involved with our accounts, getting in the trenches to secure quality of service long after the sale, which means ensuring satisfaction with the equipment as well as helping businesses stay on top of things like safety and compliance concerns,” said McNerney. “In this era, when personal contact is not always wanted or advised, it’s a great advantage to be considered a partner instead of a vendor.”

Over the years, Wall and McNerney have been regulars on NationaLease’s coveted list of top performers. That short list of all stars is chosen from a much larger roster of talented individuals who make up the massive NationaLease salesforce, which spans more than 140 independent businesses across the nation.

Aim Regional Sales Manager Mike Wall

“Masters Club in past years and in this year signals to me that my efforts were recognized by people I consider to be the best of the best,” said McNerney

“Aim and Nationalease do a great job in terms of recognizing sales achievements, so there is always plenty of incentive to keep going even in down years like 2020,” said Wall.

While some businesses have surged due to pandemic-influenced shifts in demand, they are the outliers. The companies that have been fortunate enough to weather through this have generally seen a significant slash to revenue. However, both gentlemen are optimistic about the new year ahead.

“Once the Covid vaccine is widely available, I think normal business activity will come back strong,” said Wall. “In addition, customer investments in their business will be strong because they have been putting off these decisions for at least a year.”

“I have witnessed amazing efforts by large and small companies alike to remain viable, and I think they will continue to do so,” McNerney said. “The second half of 2021 will see stronger growth than expected as fears of the pandemic start to subside. Until then, we’ll continue to identify the segments of business that are prospering and find effective ways to partner with them.”

“I wake up each day knowing I am surrounded by professionals who care about the job they do,” McNerney added. “It still encourages me when I think of how our industry, along with other front-line folks, has never wavered. It makes me proud to know all of the people whom I work with.”

Columbus Vegetable Oils Values Full-Service Lease

Posted on 12/17/2020
Columbus Vegetable Oils General Manager, John Healy

In 2013, Columbus Vegetable Oils made a business decision the company’s general manager, John Healy, would classify as one marked by peace of mind and reliability: signing a full-service leasing contract with Aim.

“It’s a win-win,” Healy said. “They give me so much ease-of-mind that I know they’re watching my trucks, and I don’t have to worry about it.”

Healy goes on to mention the added value like scheduled maintenance, shop proximity and the overall dependability, like that of his salesmen, Aim Senior Account Executive John Matthews.

“If I need something, they’re right on it,” Healy said.

The Chicago-headquartered company, is a family business, like Aim. With humble beginnings dating back to 1938, its rich, tenured history is a direct reflection of their dedication to consistently delivering high-quality fats, oils and dressings to grocery store chains, food service distributors and manufacturers. For distribution, they run on a fleet of around 20 trucks in the Chicagoland area, all maintained under full-service lease with Aim.

When Mr. Healy talks about not having to worry about his equipment, that’s one of the often overlooked—but no less important—perks of leasing. That is, companies don’t have to spend as much time, money and resources taking care of their fleets. As a result, they can pour that extra effort into their core business. This is something Columbus Vegetable Oils, as a go-to distributor in the food-service industry, has taken advantage of.

Even amidst the pandemic, which has left has left many industries in tatters, the folks at Columbus Vegetable Oils have seen a considerable uptick in business among their food manufacturing and retail customers, triggering them to outpace their 2019 business levels. Being able to focus more on their core business and less on managing their fleet has gone a long way in helping them stay in step with surging demand while maintaining the high level of customer service their clients have come to expect.

Just like Columbus Vegetable Oils, so much of what sets Aim apart from its competitors is being able to provide that personalized family-owned attention and care to each and every customer without ever sacrificing service or capability. If you think you and your business could benefit from the added value and peace of mind of a full-service lease with Aim, reach out to us at or 330-269-5329.

MLCo Trusts Its Dedicated Fleet Through Aim

Posted on 12/9/2020

What underpins the years-long partnership between Aim and Michael Lewis Company (MLCo)? One word: Family.

Both companies are privately held and family owned, which, as Adam Kunz, manager at MLCo, suggests, forms a unique bond, one built on trust. “That family connection is very important to us,” he said, “something we hang our hats on.”

Beginning as a small bindery business close to a century ago, MLCo has steadily grown into a distinguished global warehousing and logistics provider for the airline industry, and it relies on a dedicated fleet through Aim’s Integrated Logistics division to help carry out many of its day-to-day operations in the northeast region of the U.S.

Aim Integrated Logistics, at its most basic, provides businesses supply chain relief through reliable, efficient trucks and highly skilled, career professional drivers, bringing with it a ton of added value through safety, technology, additional services and flexibility. That flexibility, especially when it comes to tackling any logistical roadblocks that inevitably pop up, is a major reason why Kunz and MLCo value having a dedicated fleet through Aim to help them distribute airline supplies to their clients.

“We go with an Integrated model because it provides a higher level of service than going through a traditional 3PL,” said Kunz, “and we believe it gives us a little bit more control of our own supply chain outside of our own buildings. Aim also has a network of drivers all over the Northeast, and they’re able to leverage that to come up with creative solutions to problems when they happen.”

MLCo’s airline customers, by nature, operate in a challenging, fast-paced, deadline-driven landscape, and meeting their demands is the Chicago-based company’s number-one focus. To do so requires fluid solutions, bending and evolving with their clients’ needs. Aim shares this same focus, which also requires a high degree of quick thinking and innovation.

Aim’s customers’ satisfaction is most often measured by their customers’ satisfaction. In that sense, transportation challenges faced by Aim’s valued customers are Aim’s challenges to solve, which means Aim commits itself to delivering exceptional, efficient and ever-evolving service that companies like MLCo can not only depend on but be proud of as well.

Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane, talks with Michael Lewis Company's Adam Kunz about the two companies' years-long partnership.

“Aim is a very reliable partner of ours, and Aim provides a certain level of service to our customers that our customers have come to expect,” said Kunz. “So having that partner to lean on gives us the stability we need and the execution that our customers have become accustomed to is very valuable to us.”

If you’re interested in hearing how a dedicated fleet with Aim Integrated Logistics can benefit your company the way it does for Michael Lewis Company, please reach out to us at or 330-269-5329.

Hensley Beverage Co Benefits from Aim ProShop

Posted on 12/7/2020
Aim Senior Account Executive Mike Williams (left) and Hensley Vice President of Fleet & Facility, Tony Keffer, commemorate 10 years of partnership.

Ten years of business partnership is a message unto itself. It’s one that demonstrates value, satisfaction and an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship. On that, Aim Transportation Solutions recently hit a landmark 10-year anniversary with one of many of its long-term customers: Hensley Beverage Company. Starting in 2010, Hensley has been benefitting from Aim’s ProShop service, a unique offering in which Aim assumes the responsibilities (and liability) of a business’s on-site fleet maintenance shop, and, in turn, the customer receives all the benefits of Aim’s decades of maintenance experience as well as its vast cost-cutting resource network.

Since 1955, Hensley Beverage Company has been bringing ice cold beer to thirsty Phoenix, AZ, residents. The family-owned and -operated beverage distributor—the nation’s largest of its kind—began with just 15 employees and has since exploded into an operation with more than 1,100 employees delivering refreshments (including 2,500 different beers, craft brews, fine wines, premium spirits and delicious non-alcoholic beverages) all across Arizona.

Hensley Beverage Company’s day-to-day operation depends heavily on having a safe, reliable and efficient fleet, which boasts an ever-increasing 1,500-plus pieces of equipment, to deliver refreshing beverages under the scorching Arizona sun. A huge part of making that happen hinges around maintenance and repairs.

There was a time when Hensley had a team of around 10 to 12 full-time mechanics. Then, just two of those mechanics were ASE certified, which meant the rest could perform only basic repairs. This forced the company to send most major repairs to outside vendors, which was quite costly.

As the renowned beverage company continued to expand, adding more and more equipment across new territories, it began to look at its maintenance division for ways to cut costs and position itself to perform more maintenance and repairs in-house.

“We heard about Aim ProShop through our garage manager, who introduced us to Aim’s rep Mike Williams,” said Hensley Beverage Company Vice President of Fleet and Facilities, Tony Keffer. “Mr. Williams, through his in-depth presentation and analysis, showed what Aim could offer and save us through Aim’s national purchasing of parts and improved technical and mechanical experience with the new and current mechanics.”

Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane, talks with Hensley Beverage Company VP of Fleet an Facilities, Tony Keffer, to discuss how Aim's ProShop service has helped them streamline their truck maintenance and allowed them to focus more on taking care of their customers.

Pictured (l-r): Chris Yarrington, Hensley Director of Administration; Williams; Keffer; John Casey, Aim Service Manager; and Paul Lueders, Hensley VP of Operations.

Part of what makes ProShop so unique is, while Aim manages the day-to-days, the customer remains in control. This means Aim is charged with handling the shop’s overall performance; ongoing training, hiring and retaining mechanics; human resource matters; administrative tasks (billing, inventory management, etc.); and so much more, but the customer, ultimately, has final say in all matters.

“Through Aim’s efficiencies, cost-savings and training of your maintenance team, Aim has the means and know-how on running a shop and do it professionally,” said Keffer. “In the end, Hensley knows how to sell our portfolio of brands, and Aim knows how to maintain our equipment.

It’s been a good partnership over the last 10 years, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for the Hensley and Aim team.”

If you’re interested in hearing how your fleet maintenance operation can benefit from Aim ProShop the way Hensley Beverage Company does, reach out to us at or 330-269-5329.

Winter Driving, Are You Ready?

Posted on 11/17/2020

On average, there are more than 5,891,000 vehicle crashes each year; roughly 21% of those crashes—about 1,235,000—are weather-related, and of those, over a half-million occur during conditions of ice, snow and/or slush, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

While there is no sure way to completely remove the danger out of driving on snow- and ice-covered roads, there are precautions drivers can take to reduce the threat of crash, injury or worse.

Protecting yourself begins outside of the truck. Here are some measures you can take to help you stay safe well before you set out on the road:

  • Dress warm (dressing in layers is always a good idea)
  • Always use three-point contact rule when entering or exiting the cab
    • This means both feet should be planted firmly on the steps with one hand grabbing a solid object, such as the steering wheel or the grab-handle; or both hands on the grab-handle(s) or steering wheel and one foot on the step as you enter or exit the truck.
  • Cover exposed skins in sub-zero temperatures
  • Wear mittens instead of gloves when possible
  • Wear proper socks and boots (waterproof, good traction)
  • Take frequent breaks in warm, dry areas
  • Drink warm, sweet beverages absent of caffeine or alcohol
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Make sure your winter emergency kit is stocked and ready

On winter-impacted roads, drivers should:

  • Reduce speed
  • Increase following distance (at least three times normal follow distance)
  • Check the condition of your equipment more frequently (steering, brakes, battery, no-freeze fluid, washer reservoir, etc.)
  • Brake gently to avoid skidding
  • Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists
  • When approaching uphill grades or hills, keep your momentum and choose the proper gear (low gears) to keep traction—avoid coming to a complete stop if possible!
  • For descending grades or hills, choose the proper gear and test the condition of the roadway by gently applying the brakes; always be planning ahead to allow a safe stopping distance
  • Stay alert, paying extra attention to road conditions, the overall environment and other drivers
  • Stop your vehicle in a safe place if you feel you can no longer drive safely
  • Do not use cruise control on snowy, icy roadways
  • Be especially careful on bridges, overpasses and infrequently traveled roadways, which will freeze first
    • Even at temperatures above freezing, if the conditions are wet, you might encounter ice in shady areas or on exposed roads like bridges

Watch our webinar-on-demand on safe winter driving for more best practices!

These tips may seem obvious, but they only work if they’re followed carefully. Ultimately, professional drivers need to exercise their own judgement when determining the safest course of action for navigating roadways impacted by winter weather.

Aim Recognizes Techs Virtually

Posted on 11/6/2020
Aim Technician Sal Sgotto holding his new laptop and Aim-branded Carhartt backpack.

Thank you to all of the Aim technicians. We see your hard work and truly appreciation each and every one of you.

This year extra attention has been paid to our nation’s truck drivers, and for good reason. These men and women, in the face of a pandemic, have been the nervous system of our economy, our hospital system and, really, our nation as a whole. However, we would be remiss if we overlooked the hardworking individuals behind the scenes turning wrenches every day to keep the equipment drivers depend on safe and operational.

“Our amazing team of technicians may work behind the scenes,” said Aim Training and Support Manager, Scherry May, “but that doesn’t make them any less vital to what we do as a company. In fact, without them, their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be here.”

So, as we did in September for our Aim Integrated Logistics truck drivers, last week we held a virtual Tech Appreciation Week. For five days, a cohort of hosts—including Aim Co-Presidents Geoff Fleming and Scott Fleming as well as Aim EVP and COO Terry DiMascio—and their assistants stepped in front of the camera to express their gratitude and raffle off gifts to Aim’s techs.

The giveaway included a smorgasbord of gift cards, gift bags, jackets, hats, coolers, laptops, televisions, wireless headphones and a whole lot more.

“We’re so grateful for all that our techs do daily, and our hope is that this event, at the very least, let them know we’re thinking of them and that we value them,” said May.

Be sure to check out all the fun we had raffling off all the awesome giveaways on our YouTube channel.

Aim Technician Shawn Stoudt (left) receives his smart TV prize, presented by Aim Director of Maintenance Aaron Chamberlin.

Aim is grateful to continue adding good-paying mechanic jobs with great benefit to several parts of the country. Techs in need of a job can view opportunities at our careers webpage or reach out to Aim Director of Talent Management Eleanor Arnold at 330-759-0438 or

We would like to thank our valued vendor partners who helped sponsor this event, including: Cerni International, D.A.S. Mechanical Services, Denver Spring, Fleet Maintenance, Forsha Truck & Auto, Fyda Freightliner, Hovis Truck Supply, International Body, Interstate Towing & Transportation/Johnny’s Towing, Kan Am Tractor and Frame, Kufner Towing, McCandless international, Mike’s Heavy Truck Collision Corp, Mohawk Thermo King, Purcell’s Goodyear Tire, Rocky Mountain Cummins, Schindler Bros. Truck Service, Southside Trailer, Thermo King (Tolleson, AZ), Utility Tolleson-Tucson, Velocity Truck Center.

Aim Kicks off United Way Workplace Campaign

Posted on 11/2/2020
Pictured is Aim employee Emily Papamarkos, raffle winner of a free vacation day and a gift card.

For more than 20 years, Aim Transportation Solutions has been partnering with the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley to enrich the communities of Youngstown, OH—home of Aim’s headquarters—and surrounding areas through donations, support, education, relief and positive change.

Each year, the non-profit runs its workplace campaign, calling upon local businesses and their employees to “rise united” and “rise up to the challenge” by making contributions through either one-time donations or ongoing payroll deductions, and Aim is always eager to rise to this challenge.

Last week, Eleanor Arnold, Aim Director of Talent Management and chairperson of Aim’s United Way efforts, invited employees to a virtual kick-off call with United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley President Bob Hannon. He went over how vital the organization’s involvement is in providing relief to area families and the overall betterment of the community. He also underscored how one individual’s small part plays a huge role in everything they do throughout the year.

“We’re so fortunate to work for a company like Aim, which has remained strong in the face of the pandemic, continuing to add jobs to the Mahoning Valley and across the nation when many businesses have sadly been forced to shutter their doors,” said Arnold. “That puts us in a position to be able to do some real good for people, to support a community in need, and change lives for the better.”

To sweeten the pot, Arnold raffled off an extra vacation day along with a gift card to a local steakhouse, which was provided by Aim Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Terry DiMascio. Employees could earn two entries: one by attending the call with Mr. Hannon and a second by becoming a first-time donor or by current donors increasing their contributions. Emily Papamarkos, from Aim’s corporate billing department, was the week's lucky winner.

With a goal to double the number of employees pledging (or to get those already donating to increase theirs) two more raffles are on the books. For this week, the week of Oct. 19, Aim Co-Presidents Geoff Fleming and Scott Fleming have donated another free vacation day. Next week a free day off along with a gift basket will be raffled and will be drawn Friday, Oct. 30. All Aim employees who have become donors or increased their gifts are eligible.

During the call, Hannon further emphasized the importance of these monetary contributions, speaking proudly of the United Way’s ability to quickly respond to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which struck already struggling families the hardest. Crediting those who contributed, the United Way was able to provide $80,000 in grocery store gift cards to 2,000 families in need; deliver food to the doors of 2,800 people; distribute $140,000 in emergency funds; continue crucial after-school programs virtually; and much, much more.

Aim employees who want to do their part can follow this link to quickly and easily set up an ongoing payroll deduction, or they can fill out this form to set up their payroll deduction or a one-time gift. Those who choose the latter option should submit their completed forms to Arnold.

Congratulations to Aim Talent Associate Maria Pollock (left) and Aim HR Generalist, Stephanie Hahn, week two and three's United Way raffle winners!

Updated 11/2/2020:

Thanks to the generous contributions of our employees, we beat our goal of $14,999.53 by 127%, totaling $19,109.94! Thank you to all of our donors! Your pledges will go far in the betterment of the community and helping those in need.

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