Aim, Wincore Align with Unified Goal: The Customer

Posted on 7/27/2021

The success of Wincore, a manufacturer of best-in-class windows and doors, is borne out of a single, indispensable vision: create great, long-lasting customer relationships by creating great, long-lasting products. In that, Wincore and Aim, while committed to different industries, share an identical customer-first focus. It’s this united allegiance to the customer that drove Wincore to entrust Aim with its reputation.

“I started talking to Tom [Reda, Aim Integrated Logistics VP of Business Development], and his core values on customer service is what sold me,” said Wincore Director of Customer Service & Inside Sales, Lorie Rothery. “Right off the bat I knew that this is a partner for Wincore—he has the same customer values that we do.”

Wincore started in 2007, just one year before the U.S. would slide into a devastating economic recession. However, according to John Miller, Wincore’s Director of National Sales, the newly formed window and door company simply “chose not to participate in the recession.” In fact, being a newly formed business played to their advantage. They, for instance, weren’t forced to make the cutbacks many other companies were making, which positioned them for growth. And grow they did.

In the early years of the company, Wincore relied on multiple carriers to deliver their high-quality products. As Dave Meeks, Wincore’s Director of Logistics, astutely highlighted, bringing in a dedicated fleet provider just as a business is getting its legs under it doesn’t make sense. However, as a company continues to expand—its catalogue of customers continuously growing—the opportunity to bring in a dedicated fleet (also known as dedicated contract carriage) to enhance, optimize and compliment an operation becomes increasingly valuable. Through unwavering devotion to superior products and customer service, Wincore would eventually hit that point. That’s when they turned to Aim Integrated Logistics.

Aim Integrated Logistics, a premium dedicated fleet service, provides more than just efficient, fully-maintained trucks and safe, professional drivers. It adds peace of mind and value at every bend by handling all of your transportation needs from top to bottom. No matter the internal or external variables your company faces—like unpredictable changes in the economy, new or changing regulations, seasonal shifts in business, pandemics, etc.—dedicated contract carriage through Aim gives you instant adaptability for whatever comes your way, giving you a leg up on the competition. Basically: you focus on your core business while Aim focuses on the road.

Aim Director of Marketing Jessica Deane speaks with representatives at Wincore about the history of Wincore, what led them to partner with Aim and what it has been like having Aim has their dedicated fleet provider.
Pictured (l-r): Aim Operations Manager Keith Murphy, Aim-Wincore Driver Betty Jo Tudor, Wincore Director of Customer Services & Inside Sales Lorie Rothery, and Wincore Director of Logistics Dave Meeks

There’s no greater case study for the flexibility and dependability of a dedicated fleet than the COVID-19 crisis. For Wincore—and everyone else—navigating the churning waters of a pandemic meant a lot of trial and error. However, Aim Integrated Logistics provided something missing from a lot of businesses: reliability and consistency.

While many industries suffered a slowdown, Wincore didn’t. The folks there remained busy throughout the pandemic; so busy, in fact, that they reluctantly had to adjust their lead times (as did the industry as a whole). Because of this, and the nature of their industry, giving their customers a commitment and sticking to it became paramount.

“We found out one of the most important things for our customers through this is our truck sequence, and what that means is that our trucks get out of here on time and deliver on time,” Rothery said. “Our largest customer is a dealer, so if we promise them that we’re going to be there on a Tuesday, we have to be there on a Tuesday because they have other deliveries coming the other four days of the week.”

Aim Integrated Logistics was, and continues to be, instrumental in helping Wincore keep their promises. And, as Miller points out, it went beyond that: A key benefit was “the stability that Aim provided in giving our customer the same face every week and building the trust with that driver to deliver accurately, on time and with communication prior to them just showing up.”

“We used Aim for key customers, our largest dealers, our biggest customers, our heavy-hitters,” Miller added. “So that was the type of trust we’ve built with Tom [Reda] and his team.”

Another example of the dependability Aim has delivered to Wincore and its valued customers was recounted by Dave Meeks. He recalled that prior to the partnership with Aim, Wincore struggled to find a carrier able to consistently deliver to a particular customer who required weekly deliveries every Friday at 8 a.m. No matter what carrier Meeks put on the account, they couldn’t hit the target. Then Aim was put on the case. That first week, Aim Operations Manager Keith Murphy was put to the test, and it was a bullseye. Fast forward to today, and this particular Wincore customer doesn’t want anyone but Aim and that driver delivering to them.

“That’s just one example, and that’s what Aim brings to the table,” Meeks said.

On the topic of how far Wincore sees itself growing with Aim, Meeks added: “There’s no limit.”

Act Now: Claim Your 2023 Kenworth T680 TA Daycab

Posted on 7/26/2021

Need to add to or replenish your fleet? With build times longer than ever, now is the time to secure your build slots!

Get this top-of-the-line 2023 Kenworth T680 tandem-axle day cab Tractor for a low monthly payment of $2,399 with $0 down and all the benefits and peace-of-mind of a full-service lease through Aim included.

Tractor specs:
  • Tandem Axle
  • Cummins X15 Engine
  • Eaton Endurant Automatic Transmission
  • Disc Brakes
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Bendix Fusion System and Adaptive/Predictive Cruise
  • 15" Digital Display
  • And more!

Terms of full-service lease (maintenance and other benefits included):

Monthly rate $2,399 / .08 per mile based on 6-year lease term and 75,000 annual miles. $1,395 for license and $550 FHUT included in rate.

Zero money down with approved credit Options, terms and license allowance can be customized to your needs and mileage application

Aim Transports 'A Handshake for the Century'

Posted on 7/19/2021
Pictured (l-r) are Aim Co-President Scott Fleming, Safety Manager Cliff Dilling and Safety Director Bob Thibodeau during the installation of the Robinson-Shuba statue.

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – On July 7, an Aim Transportation Solutions truck and driver winded down Interstate 80, crossing state lines, hauling from New York City to Youngstown, OH, a bronze statue immortalizing the “Handshake for the Century.”

On one end of that monumental handshake was professional baseball player and Youngstown native George “Shotgun” Shuba. On the other end was none other than Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play Major League Baseball.

When, on April 18, 1946, Shuba extended his hand, a courageous gesture during that pre-dawn of the civil rights movement, Robinson had just crossed home plate after crushing a three-run home run during his debut for the Montreal Royals, a minor league affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers. This momentous locking of hands—one black, one white, both teammates—has since rippled from that blip in time, pivoting America toward racial equality.

The pride, privilege and significance, for Aim, of transporting this historical monument to its final stop, Shuba’s hometown, cannot be overstated.

“Having the opportunity to bring the Jackie Robinson-George Shuba statue home to Youngstown is a privilege and honor beyond measure,” said Aim Co-President Scott Fleming. “Aim has more than 100 years of history in Youngstown, so the significance, for us, is magnified, and it’s not just significant for us as a company but as community members as well.”

“When I told Scott we had a tight budget, I knew he would make it work for us,” said Eric Planey, a New York finance executive who grew up in Youngstown and whose idea it was to put a monument to George Shuba and Jackie Robinson in his native city. “What blew me away is when he told us there would be no charge for the transportation. I literally became misty-eyed, and looking back I shouldn’t have been surprised at all.”

The Aim driving crew—comprised of Bob Thibodeau, Aim’s Director of Safety; Cliff Dilling, Aim Safety Manager; and Scott Harris, Aim Driver Safety Trainer—arrived at the pickup point in New York City at daybreak. Everyone involved carefully loaded the veiled seven-foot sculpture into the Aim truck and secured it. The Aim team hopped back in the cab, with Thibodeau behind the wheel, and began the journey back to Youngstown.

The Aim driving team secures the statue in Brooklyn, NY, with the help of members of the Robinson-Shuba "bullpen," including sculptor Marc Mellon (pictured middle, in the light-blue polo).

“I watched the team load and secure the statue at the Bedi-Makky Foundry in Brooklyn,” Planey added. “They worked tirelessly to make sure it was secure in the bed of the truck—true professionalism.”

“Within our dedicated fleet operations at Aim we transport a wide array of products and have done similar high profile moves so we were confident that our team would execute flawlessly,” said Brandon Stieb, director of operations for Aim Integrated Logistics and who coordinated moving the sculpture. “We fully understand the magnitude of that moment in history and what the statue represents so we took great pride in helping the Foundation cement the legacy of Mr. Shuba and Mr. Robinson in the city of Youngstown.”

“What a wonderful honor for Aim Transportation Solutions to have transported the Jackie Robinson-George Shuba statue from New York to Youngstown, Ohio,” said Dr. Louis A. Zona, Executive Director of The Butler Institute of American Art. “And what an enormous honor that the city of Youngstown will become the permanent home of an art work that celebrates both artistic and athletic achievement. But even more important than that, the statue honors two great men whose simple gesture of a handshake would forever be revered.”

The Robinson-Shuba sculpture was unveiled Saturday, July 17, as part of Youngstown State University’s Summer Festival of the Arts in Wean Park, where it will live on as a monument to Youngstown’s connection with breaking down baseball’s color barrier and, of course, the much grander national implications of that.

“It’s difficult to fathom—for younger generations especially—just how groundbreaking such a seemingly simple gesture was, but, in 1946, it was nearly unheard of,” Aim Co-President Geoff Fleming said. “And this incredible statue is a testament to how people choosing to do the right thing on an individual level, no matter the consequences, can make huge, long-lasting positive impacts.”

Brothers Scott and Geoff Fleming lead Aim as co-presidents along with their father, Tom Fleming, Aim’s chairman, CEO and founder. The Flemings, Aim and its employees share a deep commitment to giving back to the local community.

Shortly after the unveiling ceremony in downtown Youngstown, OH, Mike Shuba gazes up at the monument of his father, George Shuba, shaking hands with Jackie Robinson, the “handshake for the century.”

The maestro behind the Robinson-Shuba sculpture is one of America’s leading representational sculptors, Marc Mellon. Even though Mellon grew up in Brooklyn and is based in New York, the renowned sculptor has a history with the city of Youngstown. About 10 years ago, an exhibition of his work was shown at the Butler Institute. In fact, Dr. Zona, recognizing Mellon’s superb talent, was the one who recommended Mellon for the Robinson-Shuba project.

Mellon crafted this feat of art and engineering in stages. Working from the famous photograph of Robinson and Shuba locking hands over home plate, dubbed “A Handshake for the Century,” he started by sculpting an 18-inch representation. After that, he produced a 30-inch version, which allowed him to work out more of the detail.

Working from that two-and-a-half-foot sculpture, Mellon sculpted the seven-foot version in clay, which became the cast that would turn into the final seven-foot bronze tribute to two amazing athletes and pioneers for racial equality in baseball and, more importantly, America.

Mellon’s Robinson-Shuba statue is adorned with informational plaques and benches for people and future generations to enjoy.

“The entire Robinson-Shuba Statue Committee is honored by Aim stepping up to the plate,” Planey said.

This extraordinary sculpture, and all that it represents, comes at another critical period in U.S. race relations. This work of art will live on, in Youngstown, OH, as an icon of teamwork, unity and triumph. It will stand as a reminder of the ability of single individuals to make vast and enduring positive impacts. It will be a symbol for how far we’ve come and a tool for where we want to go.

Act Now: Claim Your 2023 Kenworth T680 Next Gen

Posted on 6/29/2021
2023 Kenworth T680 76" Next Gen Sleeper

Commercial truck build times are longer than ever. Now is the time to plan for the future.

Don't sleep on this opportunity to get a top-of-the-line 2023 Kenworth T680 Next Generation Sleeper Tractor for a low monthly payment of $2,775 with all the benefits and peace-of-mind of a full-service lease through Aim. With build times stretching well into the future, now is the time to secure the equipment you need!

Tractor specs:

  • 76" Double-bunk Sleeper
  • Cummins X15 Engine
  • Eaton Endurant Automatic Transmission
  • 120-gallon Dual Fuel Tanks
  • Disc Brakes
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Full Air Fairings
  • Bendix Fusion System and Adaptive/Predictive Cruise
  • Refrigerator
  • 15" Digital Display
  • And more!
The driver-pleasing T680 interior packs all the comforts of home into a spacious cab.

Terms of full-service lease (maintenance and other benefits included):

Monthly rate $2,795 / .075 per mile based on 6-year lease term and 120,000 annual miles. $1,395 for license and $550 FHUT included in rate.

Zero money down with approved credit Options, terms and license allowance can be customized to your needs and mileage application

Aim Leadership Tours Kenworth Plant

Posted on 6/24/2021
Pictured (l-r): Aim EVP of Sales & Marketing, Matt Svancara; Aim Co-President, Scott Fleming; Aim Co-President, Geoff Fleming; Aim VP of Sales Operations.

Recently a team of Aim leadership toured Kenworth’s massive Chillicothe, OH, assembly plant. At this sprawling 500,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, roughly 2,336 employees assemble sleeper cabs for the company’s T680 Next Gen, T880 and W990 models. The award-winning plant builds a whopping 170 trucks per day.

On site from Aim were Geoff Fleming, Co-President; Scott Fleming, Co-President; Matt Svancara, EVP of Sales & Marketing; Dan Fleming, VP of Sales Operations; Chris Disantis, Senior Director of Maintenance; Shirley Bland, Fleet Asset Manager; and Director of Rental, Josh Lombardo.

Kenworth representatives Neil Park, Fleet Coordinator; Debra Welch, Fleet Coordinator; Randray Beverly, Application Engineer; and Dan Hemme, Regional Sales Manager guided the Aim team through the plant. They highlighted the site’s history, new Six Sigma projects and a brand-new paint facility, which will increase their manufacturing capabilities by nearly 25%.

During the tour, Aim representatives performed a pilot review of the of the Kenworth T680 tandem-axle tractor Aim has on order for lease and rental. This gave them an opportunity to review the specs and receive recommendations for future orders to further optimize the build—all a part of Aim’s ceaseless mission to best serve Aim’s valued lease and rental customers.

A highpoint of the tour was when the Aim group witnessed one of Aim’s soon-to-be-delivered T680 tandem-axle tractors roll down the assembly line. They saw the T680 cab hoisted and then set onto the frame rail. This juncture is where parts and components like the firewall, air harness, fuel lines, batteries and steering drivelines are connected.

“We appreciated PACCAR and Kenworth for the opportunity and the experience of the plant tour and witnessing firsthand how a completed tractor rolls off the assembly line,” Svancara said. “The coordination and orchestration of the plant workers was amazing to see. We are looking forward to taking delivery and providing the Kenworth product to our lease and rental customers.”

Pictured (l-r): PACCAR Area Operations Manager, David Rhodes; Aim Senior Director of Maintenance, Chris Disantis; Aim Fleet Asset Manager, Shirley Bland; Aim Director of Rental, Josh Lombardo.

They also watched another Aim T680 go through the dash build process, where truck dashes are built outside the cab and then lifted and set into the cab by a manipulator. However, just before this process took place, the Aim team signed their names on the cab floor, commemorating the experience and the relationship between Aim and Kenworth.

“Myself and the rest of the Aim team in attendance are grateful to Kenworth for both the experience of the plant tour and for the partnership between Aim and PACCAR,” said Dan Fleming. “Kenworth is an industry-leading product, and we’re excited to add their tractors to our rental fleet to give Aim’s customers another quality choice when renting with Aim.”

Aim’s mission is delivering solutions for businesses’ transportation challenges. That means finding the right product, or service, to optimize, enhance and improve what they do while saving them time, money and resources. To do this takes experience, knowledge and close industry relationships. These qualities are prized at Aim and have been foundational in its 50-plus years of success.

Opportunities and trusted partnerships with vendors, like Kenworth, allow Aim professionals to take superior product knowledge and insight to current and potential customers alike, providing them with customized solutions for their transportation challenges.

Aim Tech Challenge Winner Spotlight: Matt Dove

Posted on 6/23/2021
Aim Mechanic and NationaLease Tech Challenge Regional Winner, Matt Dove

Aim Mechanic Matt Dove recently proved his technical savvy during NationaLease’s annual Tech Challenge. Matt took first place, in his region, during the knowledge-testing first round. He (along with two other Aim techs) will be moving onto round two, bringing him that much closer to being crowned NationaLease’s 2021 Top Tech.

Mr. Dove became a gearhead in his youth, beginning to work on cars at 19 years old. In 2005 he made the jump from cars to commercial trucks and equipment and, for the last 14 years, has been working hard for Aim’s customers in the Buffalo, NY, area.

Dove values his tenure at Aim, as it has afforded him the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and experience in refrigeration equipment repair. It has also given him the opportunity to complete several Automotive Service Excellence certifications—a testament to his ceaseless dedication to his craft, Aim and its customers. His drive and focus has undoubtedly helped put him a rung above the competition.

When Mr. Dove isn’t turning wrenches at Aim, he and his wife enjoy playing sports and camping with their three boys.

Aim Tech Challenge Winner Spotlight: Dave Trader

Posted on 6/22/2021
Aim Working Foreman and NationaLease Tech Challenge Regional Winner, Dave Trader

Aim Working Foreman Dave Trader is one of three Aim technicians who are one step closer to being named NationaLease’s 2021 Top Tech. Trader recently proved his superior diesel tech knowhow, taking first place in region 6 of the first round of NationaLease’s annual Tech Challenge.

Trader got started in the mechanic trade because he enjoyed working on cars and eventually found himself at a Freightliner dealership turning wrenches under the hoods of commercial trucks. After 10 years there, he brought his talents and decade of experience to Aim’s shop in Elkhart, IN.

Mr. Trader has been keeping our valued customers’ trucks and trailers running and running efficiently for the last seven years. He appreciates having the ability at Aim to work primarily on newer equipment. Trader also likes that he is able to become familiar with specific vehicles. The nature of the truck leasing business means he, and our nationwide team of skilled techs, repeatedly work on the same units primarily through routine preventive maintenance check-ins, which keeps our lease customers' trucks and trailers operating dependably and efficiently.

When Dave isn’t under the hood, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jamie, and their three dogs.

Three Aim Techs Place First in Competition

Posted on 6/21/2021

The title of Top Tech has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Well, for a decade, NationaLease, one of the largest full-service truck leasing organizations in North America, of which Aim is a proud part, has put hundreds of member technicians’ knowledge and skills to the test to determine who is worthy of such a distinguished title.

The organization, made up of 140 independent businesses operating as one to better serve their customers, recently held the first round of the demanding three-part Tech Challenge. We’re thrilled to share that three of our talented techs placed first in three of the nine NationaLease regions and are one step closer to be awarded the title of Top Tech.

Those winners are:

  • John Norwood – Elmhurst, IL (previous regional winner and former Aim apprentice)
  • Matt Dove – Buffalo, NY (first-time regional winner)
  • Dave Trader – Elkhart, IN (first-time regional winner)

Moreover, Mr. Norwood earned one of the top three scores in the country. This impressive feat has secured him a spot to compete in the Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) prestigious SuperTech challenge. The TMC’s two-day event, set to take place this September in Cleveland, OH, will assemble contestants from all segments of the trucking industry, many who are state, regional or corporate champions, and pit them against each other in a series of written and hands-on challenges to determine who is the best of the best.

Congratulations to all three gentlemen! We're proud and fortunate to have you and our entire team of talented techs working hard to keep our valued customers' commercial trucks and equipment right where they belong: on the road. You have the entire Aim family rooting for you. Good luck and go get ‘em!

Akron Hauler Turns to Aim ProShop

Posted on 6/4/2021
Jason Olesh (right), vice president of business development at Aim, and Rob Jevnikar, director of logistics at General Transport, meet to discuss their new partnership.

Aim has taken on the maintenance responsibilities for an additional 100 tractors and 225 trailers, thanks to a new Aim ProShop agreement with General Transport Inc., a family-owned transportation and logistics company based in Akron, Ohio.

For those unfamiliar with Aim ProShop, it is our unique and unparalleled professional shop management service. More specifically, we work in tandem with a company's on-site maintenance operation to deliver our decades of shop management experience, knowledge, resources and discounted parts purchasing power. Businesses reap these benefits while simultaneously freeing them to focus more on their core competencies. It's a true win-win partnership.

Robert Jevnikar, director of logistics at General Transport, said Aim was selected to help ensure the highest levels of customer service, asset management and fiscal responsibility when it comes to our maintenance spend.

“Providing customers with well maintained, reliable and safe equipment has always been our company’s highest priority,” he added. “We’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership.”

Jason Olesh, vice president of business development at Aim, said modern diagnostic and repair equipment and ongoing technician training are additional benefits of the arrangement.

“While we pride ourselves on offering high-value products and services, in this case, what we could provide and have readily available from an information standpoint is what really sealed the deal,” Jason said.

“Aim will train General Transport’s mechanics with the next level of technology involved with maintaining trucks, provide stronger reporting tools and functionality and help to highlight efficiencies across the business.”

Pictured (l-r) are Cody Kosa, technician; Brian Towne, technician; Tracy Starling, service manager; Russ Alderman, technician; and Ken Singleton, senior analyst.

Jim Jacobelli, Aim regional service manager, who is leading the operations side of the new arrangement, said the partnership is off to a great start and he anticipates growth.

“The Aim ProShop division has grown year-over-year, due to our commitment to providing outstanding fleet maintenance options,” said Jim. “General Transport is a great customer with history and strong relationships in the area. We are excited to build upon our strengths and accomplish great things together.”

Operation Safe Driver Week 2021

Posted on 5/24/2021

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has scheduled Operation Safe Driver week for July 11 – 17. During this week-long event, a heightened law enforcement presence will be hunting for drivers—in or around commercial motor vehicles—engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. Expect warnings, citations and impacted CSA scores.

The CVSA will be picking up where it left last year, placing a heavy emphasis on speeding. According to the CVSA, speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in 2018, resulting in more than 9,000 deaths. Research shows an increase in speed of just 10 miles per hour raises the risk of a crash by 9.1%.

Moreover, surprising pandemic-related numbers have surfaced: Despite a drop in travel due to lockdowns and closures, traffic deaths rose an estimated 24% from the previous 12 months unaffected by COVID-19 restrictions.

Watch: Aim Vice President of Safety, Ron Bourque, takes webinar attendees through preparing for last year’s Operation Safe Driver. Also covered were best practices for roadside inspections, including HOS, pre-trip and vehicle maintenance safety; as well as CSA; Smith System and Space Management; Fuel Economy; SMS/ISS scores; and more!

Since the seven-day event’s inception, the CVSA’s objective has been to reduce deaths and injuries due to reckless driving behaviors. By throwing a spotlight on hazardous driving, the non-profit association hopes to educate all drivers through interactions with law enforcement on how to share roads safely.

Along with speeding, law enforcement will be on high alert for these unsafe behaviors:

  • Distracted driving
  • No seatbelt
  • Following too closely
  • Improper lane change
  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Failure to obey traffic control devices
  • Evidence of drunk or drugged driving

During last year’s Operation Safe Driver, law enforcement personnel issued 71,343 warnings and citations. Speeding was the most cited offense for truck drivers with seatbelt violations being second.

Events like these add extra stress to your business. This is especially true if a critical violation were to sideline one of your drivers. This puts you and your company at risk, disrupts your deliveries and impacts customer satisfaction—not to mention your reputation! Aim’s dedicated fleet service, Integrated Logistics, is one way to remove this liability. Aim Integrated Logistics is a full transportation service that provides safe, highly-skilled drivers to move your products, bringing along innumerable efficiencies to your operation.

Aim customers can always contact their local Aim representative with any safety- or compliance-related questions or concerns. For non-Aim customers, you can always reach out to your local agency that oversees commercial motor vehicle safety.

If you would like to hear more about how Aim Integrated Logistics can relieve you of your transportation headaches while delivering measurable value and cost-savings at every stop, reach out to

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