Aim History

In 1906, Aim Chairman & CEO Tom Fleming’s grandfather, J.V. McNicholas, geared up the horse and buggy and began hauling meat and luggage from the rail yards in Youngstown, OH. A few years later, the horse-and-buggy operation grew into a lucrative hauling business.

After deregulation in 1980, McNicholas Transportation branched into leasing trucks. Tom Fleming managed this division, known then as Aim NationaLease, and their 25 trucks.

In 1982, Tom Fleming purchased Aim NationaLease and moved the company to 1500 Trumbull Ave, in Girard, OH, where Aim’s headquarters still stand today. Since that time, Aim has steadily grown to become one of the largest, privately-held truck leasing companies in North America. With more than 100 operations, 11,000 vehicles, and 1,200 employees, Aim is large enough to service any account, anywhere without losing sight of its family-owned and operated roots. Today, Aim operates under the umbrella of Aim Transportation Solutions, which embodies two companies: Aim Leasing Company and Aim Integrated Logistics.

Aim Leasing Company is a full-service leasing provider that pairs companies with the most effective, efficient equipment for their specific operational needs. This equipment is maintained by our certified, experienced technicians through both scheduled maintenance and around-the-clock unscheduled service. Our national fuel pricing program, licensing, permitting, replacement vehicles and fuel tax reporting are part of what makes Aim’s full-service lease program a cut above the competition. Plus, driver training and safety programs offered at no additional cost. Aim Leasing Company also offers commercial truck and trailer rentals, preventative maintenance contracts and professional shop management.

Aim Integrated Logistics is a total transportation solution service provider that creates sustainable economic value and competitive advantages for its customers through effective integration of logistics solutions. This means Aim Integrated Logistics provides more than just trucks and drivers. It unburdens companies from the liabilities and headaches of managing a private fleet while safely delivering cost-effectiveness and efficiency at every stop. Aim Integrated Logistics also offers a freight brokerage service known as Aim 3PL, pairing shippers with qualified carriers to cut costs and gain instant capacity.

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