John Ogden of Power Distributing Visits Aim in Elmhurst, IL

Posted on June 25th, 2018

John Ogden of Power Distributing, an Aim customer since 2006, recently visited our Aim shop in Elmhurst, Illinois, to check on the progress of the 19 body swaps we’re working on for them this year.

Twelve years ago, Aim Senior Account Executive Kerry Langlois signed Power Distributing’s business, which began as a buyout of a handful of gas units in which we leased several of the vehicles back to them. Since then Langlois has continued to work with the company and has helped it swell into a partnership of 98 lease units in two states.

Power Distributing delivers Red Bull energy drinks, servicing the greater Chicagoland, Rockford, Peoria, Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan areas. Since its founding in 2000, the company has grown into one of the largest Red Bull distributors in the U.S.

Success like this takes a quality staff with a proven record of achievement. And it also takes a dependable, efficient fleet to keep up with a growing business.

In today’s ever-changing climate of specialized products, demands and services, transportation for businesses is far more complicated than simply handing a customer the keys to a vehicle and sending them on their way. Today, rather, truck leasing companies must go beyond the truck, providing a solution for your transportation challenges—so goes Aim’s motto.

Efficiency, when it comes to trucks, can be an enigmatic term. This idea can mean any number of things, like gas mileage for instance. But to Aim it also means the day-to-days businesses face.

In the case of Aim’s partnership with Power Distributing, they require a custom lease: refrigerated bodies and Espar heaters. And now we’re also incorporating a foldout step on the back of their vehicles. Ogden came up with the additional step for the convenience of his drivers. Then Morgan Truck Body worked with Aim and Ogden to design and implement it.

It also helps, particularly with companies like Power Distributing, that Aim is the only true leasing company with mechanics certified to work on refrigeration equipment.

Aim is elated to have close, ongoing partnerships with excellent customers like Power Distributing, whom we do many outings and events with.

Wondering what Aim can do for you and your business? Reach out to us here.

Ted Richter & John Ogden

Pictured (left to right) are Ted Richter, Aim Working Foreman, and John Ogden, of Power Distributing.

Fold out steps ready for use.

This photo shows the foldout steps, designed by Morgan Truck Body, Aim and Power Distributing’s John Ogden, in their out position ready for use.

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