Arctic Blast! Are You Prepared?

Posted on February 13th, 2015

Stay safe!

For the next few days temperatures will be dropping across the Midwestern and Northeastern parts of the country. In addition to the expectation of below freezing temperatures many areas are faced with heavy snow accumulation. This is a friendly reminder for fleet operators to get vehicles and drivers prepared for winter conditions. These preventative measures can maximize your fleets up-time, prevent unexpected maintenance costs, an give you greater piece of mind that your drivers are safe.

Tips for Successful Winter Operations:

  • ENGINE HEATER: Plug in engine heater after each trip. It must be done while the engine is still hot. Be sure to check electrical hook ups at your location to make sure they are operational.
  • STARTING EQUIPMENT: If you experience difficulty starting, please do not crank the engine more than 15 seconds. After 3 attempts of no more than 15 seconds, please contact Road Rescue.
  • AIR TANKS: Air tanks must be drained at the end of each trip to verify that the system is free of water. This is done by pulling the cord that is attached to the air tanks.
  • FUEL: Aim fuel will be blended with additive. If you get fuel elsewhere please be sure that the fuel is blended or an additive is used. Make sure that the additive you use is for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel only.
  • SCHEDULING: Drivers should start out on their routes a little earlier than normal so they will have extra time to deal with any unexpected delays.

Thank you and please contact us with any questions on how to get your fleet ready for the cold.

Aim ROAD RESCUE: 1-800-321-9038

Bob Thibodeau
Safety Directory
1-800-321-9038 Ext. 155

Lou Johantges
Directory of Maintenance
1-800-321-9038 Ext. 132

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