Aim Leasing Company, Girard, is looking forward to continued growth in 2016 as they end 2015 strongly.

Posted on March 1st, 2016

Aim Leasing Company, Girard, is looking forward to continued growth in 2016, as they end 2015 strongly, reports its president, Tom Fleming. The last year was marked by a merger with Fleming Leasing Company, the acquisition of multiple Lawrence NationaLease operations, and Aim Service’s The Aim companies provide full service truck leasing, commercial vehicle rentals, complete vehicle maintenance, integrated logistics services, transportation services to the oil and gas industry and sales of quality, used vehicles throughout the United States. Coming off a successful 2014, Aim Services Company began last year with the acquisition of the former Bessemer Supply Co. located in Bessemer, PA. The purchase, completed in late February, added approximately 50 employees and a brick and mortar office and maintenance facility. It also greatly increased the number and diversity of the overall fleet. While the company’s prior focus was on servicing the Gas and Oil Industry, it now provides transportation solutions for a wide range of customers across multiple industry segments. According to Jason Olesh, Director of Aim Services, 2015 was a year that saw many changes to the company. “We started the year with a major acquisition, so there was period of transition and acclimation for everyone involved”. The second quarter of the year also saw the beginning of a reduction in drilling activity in the region which impacted the need for trucking services to the Gas and Oil industry. “Despite the current downturn in the energy market, Aim Services remains committed to the long term viability of the industry”. “It’s been a tough year, but it’s a matter of time before there is a bounce back in natural gas exploration”. “By maintaining our superior reputation for service with our current customers and continuing to development new relationships, we’ll be in a great position when that happens”. Olesh added, “We have also diversified our fleet and see growth opportunities in the dry bulk and flatbed sectors this year and beyond”. “Our core principles of providing safe, efficient trucking services apply to all industries”. Aim Services Company currently operates a fleet of over 60 trucks with pneumatic bulk, flatbed, hot shot, and vacuum tanker trailers available for 24/7 operations. In addition to the acquisition of Bessemer Supply Company Aim also grow in size after purchasing the Indiana and Ohio operations of Lawrence NationaLease. The purchase included approximately 200 vehicles which were all consolidated into existing Aim operations. Finally, the most recent growth Aim has seen has been the December merger with Fleming NationaLease, which includes 3 new locations in the Washington, DC market. “The two leasing companies have worked closely together over the last decade on a range of activities, including buying equipment and sharing best practices”, said GEOFF FLEMING, business development manager for Aim. Over the course of 2015 Aim purchased 860 new vehicles, seeing an approximate $80 million asset growth. Aim Leasing Company operates nearly 8,000 vehicles out of more than 100 separate operations and employs nearly 1,000.

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