Aim - A Family Run Business

Posted on March 1st, 2017

Aim Transportation Solutions is the very definition of a family operated business in the Mahoning Valley. Aim is run by Tom Fleming, Chairman and CEO and his two sons Scott Fleming and Geoffrey Fleming, but Aim’s roots reach even deeper into the Fleming family.

In 1903, Tom Fleming’s grandfather, J.V. McNicholas, geared-up the horse and buggy and began hauling meat and luggage from the rail yards in Youngstown, Ohio. A few years later, J.V. McNicholas’ horse and buggy grew into a successful hauling business.

After deregulation in 1980, McNicholas Transportation branched into leasing trucks. Tom Fleming managed this division, known as Aim Leasing Company, and their 25 trucks. In 1982, Tom Fleming purchased the leasing subsidiary - Aim moved to 1500 Trumbull Road in Girard, Ohio, which continues to stand as Aim’s headquarters today.

Aim, one of the largest truck leasing companies in the country employs over 1,200 individuals nationwide, maintains over 11,000 vehicles and oversees upwards of 100 operations. Tom, Chairman and CEO, Scott, President of Aim Services, and Geoffrey, Vice President of Purchasing all work out that very location.

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